3 Tips on Helping Parent Guilt at Daycare


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It’s a typical morning at a children’s daycare center, a mom dropping off her child and trying to leave without the child being upset. But the fact of the matter is that every child has difficulty separating from their own mother. If you think about it it’s so very natural for the child to be upset that their mom is leaving their side and instructing them to have a good day and play with their friends. Mothers and let’s not keep out Dad’s are the light of a child’s life, there whole world focuses on the parent and many times nothing else exists. And when that parent leaves the child many times feel’s extremely upset.

Now, I’m not trying to say that all children are like this, they are not. But many are and it’s the daycare providers duty to bridge the gap between parent and child. So how is this done you wonder? Here are 3 ways that you can bridge the gap between mom and child.

1. Realize that the parent must believe that you are trustworthy and competent in taking care of their child and others. With out this the parent will not trust you and feel that you are not able in taking care of multiple children. This whole idea stems down to professionalism (which is a whole other topic). Showing up to check in your children in pj’s and bed head is a bad way to present yourself. Looking surprised that a child is arriving for childcare is another poor way of representing yourself, you want parents to know that you are waiting for them. Present yourself as a professional person and you will be respected for the work that you do.

2. Realize that some children are angry that their parent is going to work and dropping them off. Often times you will notice that once the parent leaves the daycare the child stops crying. Most parents realize this and few are upset and often times this is only temporary.

3. Always reassure the parent that they are making a good decision by choosing you for a daycare provider and that their child’s sad feelings will pass. Be sure to call the parent during the course of the day to let them know that their child is having a good day. Give a small gift for the child for their first day at childcare, reassure the parent that they made a good choice.

A parents guilty feelings are usually at their greatest during the first few weeks of starting a new childcare. Once a child as started care they will soon realize that they are in a wonderful place and there is nothing to be worried about, and that goes for parent and child.

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