How To Pick Membership Script To Blast Your Internet Business Into Profits

Alex Sysoef

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Membership sites are all the rage, but How do you chose one that will guarantee your success. How do you find membership management script that provides you with all the options you simply MUST HAVE to run a successful, reoccurring profits pulling site?

For every problem there is a solution but finding one is greatly depends on your needs and availability. Once you are manage to match this two – you will be way on your way to profitable Internet business. The most important question you can ask yourself at this point – how are you planning to run your site? What needs it will be addressing to make it successful. Model of your business, your target niche will greatly determine your available options.

Second most important step you need to take is defining options, features you absolutely must have to successfully address needs of your niche. For every model it will be different but when it comes to finding best match you will need at least some basics covered and to make it easier I’ll outline some:

1. Script has to be easy to install and administer and have good support. While this one is obvious, it’s not something that you will be able to find with every script currently available, hence it’s listed number one.

2. Script has to have integrated affiliate system to make it viral. Yes, it’s that important. Success of your membership site greatly depends on its viral factor. If you give your paying members option to earn by simply referring – it becomes viral and your success is getting a huge boost. Emailing your affiliates should be separated from other members and easy, so you can announce your latest promotions to them as fast as possible.

3. Members management has to be integrated and easy. Also membership signup and payment processing should be completely automated. Your site is all about members and making that part of administration simple and intuitive is extremely important. You should be able to do it all from single location and full signup process, including payment – automated. Emailing your members, communicating should also be as simple as possible.

4. Payments options and affiliate payouts. Script has to be able to support at least Paypal and 2CO. You don’t want to loose any sales simply because your customers come from a country not currently accepted by Paypal. Script has to provide you with a simple way to pay your affiliates, generate a multiple payments file and/or file to be exported into your Check writing software.

5. Script has to be able to support multiple levels of membership and each level has to be presented with pages unique to that level. You want to be able to provide free membership but be able to present them with an offer to upgrade and explain benefits they will get as paying members (most commonly known as OTO). Success of your membership site greatly depends on what benefits you can offer and how well you will be able to present them, so you need the easy way to do it.

6. It has to be reasonably priced. Yes, it is important, especially if you are just starting out. There has to be a balance between membership script price and its value. You don’t want to start your business by maxing-out your credit card.

7. Content management. Content is The King, it is a simple fact of internet business. You membership site will be a waste of domain name and a guaranteed failure, unless you will be able to provide a content that will keep your members coming back. Content that will keep them subscribed, happy and make them want to refer your site. And this is the point where 99% of currently available options are failing miserably. So how do you overcome this problem?

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