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Multiple reasons are sung about why there are more and more people wanting to stay home and start their own business, especially a home based internet marketing business. One of the largest factors is the money that can be made online. Most of these individuals are used to receiving hourly wages, and live pay-check to pay-check. Their bills are never quite paid fast enough, so the desire for more money has stimulated many of these average individuals to look for something different. Once established online with a market, the money is comparative to what has been made through traditional labor positions, with increases as the product begins to sell better. And the truth is, there are a few Internet marketers who have earned more than what they used to from a home based internet marketing business - at least a hundred thousand a month - so we do have a future if we want it.

Another reason is the freedom from working with bosses or supervisors who are nonsupportive and power-controlled. These individuals and the situations involved prevent us from requesting time off due to ill children, physical problems, holiday programs at the schools, anniversaries, or funerals for people we have spent our whole lives with yet cannot get time off as they are not a certain blood relation. Life is hard, and situations like this make it harder. Freedom is what choosing a home based internet marketing business is all about, or even working at home through any avenue we can get. We can travel or go when we want, spend as much time as possible - by simply taking our laptop computer or borrowing one en route. The home based internet marketing business is indeed the easy life. Life will be improved by simply feeling free and less stressed, being able to drink a cup of coffee or a cold drink when we feel like it, and wearing our sweats or a similar comfortable outfit while working. If we want, we can work all night or all day, or both - or we can choose to work only on the week-ends and spend quality time with the family the remaining days. It is our own schedule, and we can plan it to our advantage if we have our own home based internet marketing business. How good can it get?

No matter how we label the reasons why we choose a home based internet marketing business, such as internet marketing, it all comes down to one reason - FREEDOM! Freedom from being where we don't want to be, and freedom to be where we do want to be. Freedom from never earning enough money and freedom to do just the opposite. Gaining freedom from previous pressure at work, and freedom to work with no stress or pressure. When we think about never answering the alarm to go to work, or never having to get up and dress to look appropriate - even if we don't want to - that itself is wonderful and full of freedom. And if we want to take a two hour lunch to take our spouse to lunch downtown, we can do so without being docked or losing our job. Holidays will take on a new meaning when we become our own boss, and it will all be worth it.

Money is what everything is about. We can stay at our present job and be guaranteed a pay check for a budgeted amount of money. And we can pay a certain percentage of our bills, paying the rest next week when we get our next check. But there is no freedom to acquiring that money because we have no choices about earning it. We simply do as we are told every day, Monday through Friday, even if we feel it is wrong.

Freedom to make our own choices is what it's all about, even more than the money we earn. Myself, I work most of the night until I get tired, working when it is quiet and nobody is around in order to concentrate. I am free to get up and make a pot of coffee when I want, or get a cold drink. On other days I begin working late in the morning when my morning chores are completed. I go see my mom or my family on some days, shop on other days when the sales are the best, or sleep late. If it snows or rains, I have the choice to stay at home, not endangering my life or others because I am forced to go out to work. My choices are my own, and if I make a mistake it is my error, I am not blamed by my boss. It is simply a fact, and I just make a different choice next time. I don't dock myself, give myself a pink slip, or fire myself - I just make a different choice. I am my own boss with my home based internet marketing business. Because of this, my health that had been declining all these years has stabilized. My blood pressure is down and all other stress related conditions; I enjoy my family like never before and spend time with them, being in a good mood and pleasant natured whereas before, due to stress, I was always angry and out-of sorts.

Starting a home based internet marketing business is enjoyed by only a few, as many simply go online and sign up with a company that does internet marketing through the computer, and do make money. But I enjoy working at home and making my own business decisions. I know I am happy doing this type of work online as I don't feel that I am being forced to work. I wake up and the desire to work is instantaneous inside of me. It is my company and my actions reflect in it. For the first time in my life, I can carry my job to wherever I am - and don't have to worry about losing my job or not being able to go somewhere. Deals can be closed and products can be sold wherever we live or wherever I am traveling to with a home based internet marketing business. The Internet has changed the world, and business can go anywhere at anytime. If I cannot sleep, I simply get up and make myself some coffee - and go to work with my home based internet marketing business. After all, I am the BOSS!

Melvin Perry is an internet entrepreneur that teaches marketers via step by step free video tutorials how to start an internet marketing home based business in email list building. Following his blueprint, you will see some outstanding internet marketing profit results in just a few weeks. You can watch his free video tutorials now at Work From Home Businesses Video Tutorials


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