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Jason Collins

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In my few years in the ecommerce world, I have always had trouble finding not just a product that sells well, but a wholesale distributor that will supply me that product. I work from home, and I hear so many people say that they want to start a home business, but I can see that they are misguided before they even start.

Working from home is not that hard to do if you are a determined individual but most people just do not have the right information. They cannot see the big picture because they are staring into a dark world they know nothing about.

Ecommerce seems simple; you post your products and you make a profit. Most people get that part down but what they fail to realize is that you have to be able to source products from a real wholesale distributor to be able to turn a profit. You also have to build a business, complete with websites and marketing strategies for shoppers to even find you.

Operating a website is much like having a brick and mortar store put up in the wilderness. You have to know how to promote it to get people to come shop in it. Marketing an Ecommerce store is a lot different than marketing a physical store. There is no huge shopping mall to raise your business from. This too, is a dark road for most new home business entrepreneurs.

CEO and Founder of Worldwide Brands; Chris Malta, a nationally known Product Sourcing Expert has worked many corporate years in the ecommerce business. The host of eBay Radio’s Product Sourcing Show, Chris has been giving home business advice that has raised Entrepreneur Magazine’s eye in which they allotted him the authority to head up their E-Biz Radio Show on eBay. Today he is the best selling author of some excellent home business books that have helped fix the problems most home business operations encounter. He has developed a team of product sourcing experts which he shares real wholesale distributor contacts to members of his website.

Even if you decide to sell products in a mall market like eBay you will find that there is so much competition out there that all profits are soaked up trying to compete with each other. Some people try to use search engines to source products to sell online. This always leads to being ripped off by the hundreds of middle men using search engines to target you to sell their products for them.

If you want to know the truth about running an ecommerce business without all the hype about how much money you can make and how easy it is, look into what Chris Malta has to offer you. A home business is a real legal business and you need to have a real business plan to show a good return on investment before you waist not only your time, but your money as well.

Jason Collins - Ecommerce Solutions Developer and Home Business Success Strategist

Chris Malta - Worldwide Brands

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