The Secrets To Using Multiple Marketing Strategies For Multiple Streams Of Income!

Liz Tomey

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When most people start looking for a way to make money online, they settle on promoting just one product or service. By doing this, they are committing financial suicide. You should never put all your eggs in one basket when looking for a way to make money online.

Let's take a fictitious example of what could happen if you do this. We'll call this example, the “Jane Example".

Jane is new to the world of online marketing. She's read a lot of ebook, articles, and other resources about all the ways she can make money online. All Jane wants to do is replace her current income of $2000 a month with an income of $2000 a month that she make totally from the Internet.

She's decided that she wants to promote a product as an affiliate for an online website selling an ebook on dog training, and she'll be promoting this ebook via an easy to setup blog.

After Jane gets her blog all setup and begins promoting this product she sees that she is doing well with this product, and as a few months pass by, Jane is making around $2000 a month. For several months Jane is able to consistently make an average of $2000 a month, and can now quit her job because she has successfully replaced the income from her “real job".

All sounds great for Jane, right? Well now a couple of more months have gone by and Jane is enjoying her online income and not having to work at her old “real job". While checking her email one day, Jane gets an email from the website selling the dog training ebook telling her that the site will be closing, and that all affiliates need to remove their affiliates links because they will no longer work. Jane just lost her $2000 a month income, and since she quit her “real job", she has no income at all now.

Jane committed financial suicide by promoting one product. She had only one strategy to make money online, and now it has all been taken away from here.

What is Jane to do?

Jane has learned her lesson and has decided to do things a little big different, so that she can not only get her $2000 a month income back, but not have to worry about it all being taken away from her in the future. Jane's new plan is to pick 3 different products she can promote from 3 different blogs. While she's getting her blogs setup, and waiting for the traffic to start coming in, Jane also decides to create some content sites that she can earn money through Google Adsense with.

A few months later, Jane is now making about $5000 a month from her 3 blogs promoting the 3 products and a couple of content sites that she's making money through Google Adsense with. Jane is making even more money than before by adding more strategies to her plan, and if she loses one of them, she'll still have money coming in while she replaces the lost one with a new one.

So, what have we learned from the “Jane Example"?

In order to survive online, you have to put multiple marketing strategies into place that will bring you in multiple sources of income. If you only have one stream of income, it's too easy to lose it and have no income at all coming in.

Maybe you want to build content sites and make money with Google Adsense. There is one marketing strategy.

Maybe you want to promote products as an affiliate marketer. There is another marketing strategy.

Maybe you want to provide a service. There is another marketing strategy.

Maybe you want to sell your own ebooks. There is another marketing strategy.

The list could go on and on, but you get the idea here. The more marketing strategies you have, the more money you will make and the less likely you will be to ever lose your entire income. Don't become a “Jane Example". Site down today, and create a plan to secure your online income by implementing multiple marketing strategies.

Liz Tomey is a successful Internet marketer who has produced several amazing products about creating an income online. If you'd like to get started with an internet marketing strategy , just visit


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