Passive Revenue Generators That Work While You Sleep - Part II

Daviyd Peterson

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Remember passive revenue generators, tools with one little message in it's head “I think I can", just like the little engine that could. Let's revisit the ‘little engines that can’ in order to create revenue generating sites or ideas that work while you sleep, but also retain customer loyalty. I can not stress the importance of this before continuing with the second part of this article on passive revenue generators, customer loyalty is king (or queen) when it comes to running any business.

Staying on the same page - I'm going to repeat myself, passive revenue generators are a tool or revenue generator that can be started and left on it's own with little or no tinkering, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Writing was the subject of our last look at passive revenue generators and I sincerely hope that at least 50 percent of those who read the previous article took advantage of the direction taken - I certainly got enough emails with questions about implementing that idea. Niche Marketing is the center of focus for this article and I have the impossible task of squeezing a 200 pound loaf into an 8 pound bread basket. As mentioned before Coaching others is going to be in the spotlight for the 3rd article, that passive revenue generator can make soccer moms look like millionaires - no more embarassment. Successful work at home moms (WAHMs), stay at home moms (SAHMs) and single moms with multiple revenue streams would take the world by storm and definitely ‘make my day’.

Now if you haven't got an email, billboard, seen in searches, even overheard at lunch with some friends - Niche Marketing is a great wave that needs to be caught before the sheer gravity of people filling niches takes it all away. However Niche Marketing is the tsunami after the earthquake shook the Internet with the idea in the first place - get a piece of paper and think of it as your surfboard to success! Marketing to special areas of demand for services or products has been honed into a science of revenue generating ideas- an example is video games, once only the sole domain of the game ‘Pong’ and now a billion dollar exploding niche marketing strategy. This particular niche market still hasn't filled up since the game ‘Pong', as evidenced by the recent entry of the global gorilla Microsoft with not only games -but a gaming platform and a media center to enhance game play even further. And if you don't think Bill Gates is searching for more niche markets to enter into, then I guess you need to stop reading this niche marketing article right now. Even Bill Gates realized from the beginning that niche markets are perfect revenue generators and when successful can increase into revenue streams instead of just one source of revenue - hence the transition in video games from gaming platform to games to media center.

As a reminder revenue generating ideas are not ‘get rich quick’ tools - it takes research, targeting specific wants or needs, finding or creating products or services that fill your clients base. Sampling your products or services for a particular niche market before building revenue generating sites always saves you time and effort and headaches. To top that all off, some really bright individuals (besides unemployed politicians) created the Internet to give us all a powerful tool to accomplish all these goals. Now let's explore creating a niche marketing strategy using a blog, bear with me for not explaining what a blog is - it's time to do a little of that reasearch thing I talked about earlier. As I'm completing this series on articles on revenue generating ideas, blogs are continually evolving into blogs with rss feeds, video blogging, etc. Targeting a product or service based on your own niche marketing strategy create a blog that details the benefits of your revenue generators and your on your way to creating some revenue generating websites. There are Internet resources a plenty to help and remember to tell every family member, neighbor, ex-whatever, even enemies about your blog. I have been rather brief (I hope) on the advantages and possibilities of niche marketing, trying to get a 200 pound loaf into an 8 pound bread basket wasn't easy. Look forward to more bread crumbs in the next article on Coaching as a revenue generating idea.

Daviyd Peterson: 10-year consultant, instructor, trainer of digital divide solutions for home and business. Helps African American and minority homeschools bridge the digital divide by becoming computer homeschools. Free RSS article feed on “Computer Homeschooling" and other related articles


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