Time Spent Talking To MLM Prospects

Michael Brymer

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I love a short presentation. It tells the prospect that they don't have to learn a long speel and that they don't have to be a doctor to explain the products. For example, you may just refer them to your website and have them go through automated follow-ups. The prospect then knows that if he or she joins they have only to refer prospects to a website that does the selling for him.

Some MLMers who love the phone and an answering machine call 100 prospects a day, day in day out. You can be assured that their presentation is short.

A great one hour presentation tells a prospect that they will have to give a great one hour presentation to do what you are doing. Is this what you want?

Whereas a business card presentation takes about 3 seconds. Very easy to duplicate.

With some one-on-one presentations I prefer to just answer questions instead of giving a lecture. The length of this presentation will depend on the prospects degree of interest. In this situation even skeptical types often end up talking themselves into joining. It also shows that I'm not hungry for them to join. A busy MLMer is a good MLMer, “Are you in or out?”

Presenting your opportunity in the shortest amount of time and allowing the prospect the opportunity to take the second step is what I like to do. I prefer a quick “NO” to a long “YES”.

Most people want the chance to make more money, they are just not sure if they can do what you are doing to get it. A quick easy presentation will help their decision making processes.

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