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So you have decided to join the “work at home mom" bandwagon. And it’s small wonder. What with the number of work at home moms you see everyday making thousands of dollars from their homes, don’t you want to take advantage of this burgeoning opportunity?

But wait – before you go ahead and become a successful work at home mom, take note of all the things you need in order to keep your home-based business honest, legit, and trustworthy. There are several scams out there and all these leave you unsure of how to go about finding one that is not a scam. So before you decide to become a work at home mom, consider some factors first.

However, don’t let the scams scare you off from taking advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime. Being a work at home mom has its benefits and there are many work at home opportunities that are honest. So don’t get ripped off. Learn to research work at home mom opportunities and the companies that will provide you protection from scammers. In this case, research is your best defense.

The first thing you must do before you decide to become a work at home mom or make any decisions is to research the opportunity and the company thoroughly. Here are some places that you can check and do research if you’re considering a career as a work at home mom.

* – This is site for the National Fraud Information Center, as good a place as any to research about careers of work at home moms.

* – You can contact the Better Business Bureau here if you are a victim of a scam.

Aside from the site listed above, there are also other Internet resources where you can learn more about scams. You can conduct researches on business opportunities for work at home moms on NewsGroups. Most likely, you will find information about someone who has been scammed by a work at home business scheme on a forum posting. These forums include but are not exclusive to the following:

* Groups.

* Groups.

Still, there are other ways to protect yourself from scams which specifically target work at home moms. Some websites offer information about the inner workings scams and some practical tips to avoid them. These sites are:

* – Scam Busters helps people protect themselves from scams happening on the Internet.

* – WorldWideScam offers a funny insight into some of the more outrageous scams today.

* - The United States Postal Service offers several web pages on their website that tells you about scams, including those that specifically target work at home moms, multi-level marketing schemes, etc.

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