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So if you're thinking about becoming a personal chef, here's what you need to know.

How do you start

Being a personal chef relies on two main things: being a good cook and advertising that you're a good cook. While it might help to have some sort of training in culinary arts (and it will look great to prospective employers), it's really not necessary. You may already have a large range of cooking experience and recipes, or you might plan to have the clients choose from a menu of things that you're already capable of cooking.

As for advertising, you're going to need to get the word out about your services in the most widespread way possible. You might want to find bulletin boards that advertise you as a personal chef. Places like grocery stores and coffee shops might the perfect areas to start an ad campaign.

You can also send our mail advertisements to selected neighborhoods around your home in order to be convenient. What will matter in your advertising is that you try to reach as many people as you can that are looking for services like yours. Think about busy families and perhaps older neighbors that need assistance.

Tools that you need

Cookbooks are always a good idea when you're a personal chef, especially if the family that you're cooking for has special needs or tastes. It will give them and you a range of ideas for the kinds of meal that they want to eat. Have a few specialized books in hand: diabetic, heart healthy, and low carb as well.

If there's something special that you need to do for a recipe, you will want to bring along with you the proper tools (mixers, whisks, etc. ) in order to prepare it. Many families won't have special tools, so it's up to you to be prepared.

Costs and earnings

Whatever you may purchase in order to cook or get ideas from is all that you need to spend (as well as advertising), so that can be on a need to buy basis, or you might buy everything before you begin.

In terms of earnings, you will need to charge for the ingredients (unless the customer has bought them prior to your arrival) as well as your services. Per hour is great way to charge, as more complicated recipes will take more of your time.

Though it will depend on your skills as well as your client bases, most personal chefs can expect to make anywhere from $200.00 to $400.00 dollars per day.

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