How Much Can You Realistically Earn Working for Yourself Online? You Might Be Surprised to Learn


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Whenever I speak with “non" Internet business owners, they’re always amazed when I tell them how much revenue we can generate working online. Of course, the majority of them think we’re involved in the flesh or gambling business and struggle to comprehend the almost unlimited possibilities, yet when they take the time to listen and understand the model it is as if Galileo himself was experiencing his first Eureka moment!

Let me tell you right now, your ability to earn on the Internet is only limited by your desire to learn and your drive or your penchant to take action. In fact, taking action is by far the most important criteria for a successful Internet business, it is impossible to describe how much you can learn simply by doing.

In my experience it takes a little while for the penny to drop, regardless of the stories (and there is a few well known Internet Marketers guilty of this) of high earnings and consistent growth, we all need to grow and learn at our own pace. Almost without fail the eBooks promising you riches and untold millions if only you follow their easy to understand formula, which incidentally costs $99 a time are a waste of time.

But you already knew that right? Yet, we’re all guilty of buying them, we must be or else there would not be so many available on the market with more being released from Mr and Mrs Guru every other day. Instead, we advocate the acorn to oak tree approach. Set yourself a small target, become proficient, expert even in one or two areas and enjoy the sensation of creating your first few bucks on the Internet.

You’ll be surprised how quickly it will grow, your confidence will increase and you will begin to experiment in other areas. Before you know what is happening, you’re thinking about whether you could increase your profit a little bit more and finally quit your J O B. This is when the magic happens, you’ll start to think of it as a business, perhaps you’ll write a business plan and invest in technology or skills. When you’re at this stage, the world is your oyster.

When I first started out, I was advised to set myself a daily target. At this time, I still had my full time job, mortgage etc yet I knew there was gold in them thar hills. I was so excited that I spent the first six months wasting my savings on every ebook and membership site I could get my hands on, it was not until I took the time to build relationships with people that had done it before that I learned about the daily target model.

The good thing about the Internet is that your revenues are instant. You can see immediately what you are earning and where. With this information at your finger tips it is easy to make changes and focus on small but important growth. When I could consistently hit $10 a day, I started to think about my next target. $100 a day, $200 a day and so on, my daily target that would enable me to quit my job was $267 a day. Why such a strange figure? Because that gave me a six figure revenue, if I could do that in less than a year I was convinced I could get to 7 figures.

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