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Are you thinking of getting into the worm growing business? Have you seen the advertisements – “We will tell you everything you need to know about growing worms! We will sell you the books, the bedding, the formula! Watch your worms multiply! We run a buy back scheme! Sell your worms to tackle shops, local councils for composting and football pitches for soil restoration!”

Well think again! In my experience these things are scams. The people selling you this package do not provide you with the correct information to grow the worms. In fact it is extremely difficult to grow worms. Worms will not thrive unless the conditions are exactly right. What is more likely to happen is that the worms will crawl away the first night of heavy rain. Or they will come to the surface and die because the bedding is toxic for them. Growing worms is an extremely specialised occupation and people who know how to do it are not likely to give their secrets away.

The market is not as wide as these scams would have you believe. The market for worms is generally restricted to anglers and anglers do 80% of their fishing between June, July, August and September. The point being that it is very seasonal. I am not aware of any football pitch ever having used commercially grown worms to irrigate their soil. In fact, the worms used for soil improvement (lobs) are a completely different species to those promoted in these schemes (dendrobaena’s). Local authorities have experimented with worms for composting and while it does work it does not work fast enough to break down the large amounts of waste they have to deal with. Most local authorities have dismissed vermicomposting as a solution to large scale waste management.

These schemes are often targeted to farmers who are seeking to diversify from more traditional farming. Many of the farmers who embark on these schemes do so without conducting adequate market research. They do not for example realise that every tackle shop in their area will already have a supplier of worms.

Many people have had their fingers burnt with these schemes. So our advice to would be worm growers is think long and hard before moving into this industry. Despite the sales pitch worms are not easy to grow. If you do decide to go ahead with such a scheme do not buy in large quantities until you are confident your investment will not crawl away. And check out your market and competition before parting with your hard earned cash!

For genuine worm sales visit http://www.leansmountworms.com This site does not tell you how to grow worms but it will provide worms at a reasonable price.

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