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The most common definition of aging is not what really determines it. In reality, misusing our bodies over a long time causes the body to degenerate and consequently look older. A lifetime of remaining sedentary, consuming non-nutritious foods or having poor posture while working can cause the stiffness or aches and pains commonly attributed to getting old. Regular care and maintenance of the human body is required as much as all other types of machines ever made by man. One of the major things that make the bodies of humans unique is the ability to renew or regenerate themselves at the cellular level. Yoga is an important tool that works to help maintain the health of the human body.

Many people have started using this form of exercise even at the age of fifty or more years. The success of turning back the clock on the process of growing old and the ability to feel young again has inspired the baby boomer generation. Quite often people who begin using Yoga in their older years discover that they feel even better than they did in their younger years. One of the rewards from starting a Yoga program is the ability of the body to recover greater flexibility and regain health that had turned poor. Patience and the determination to try is all you need to get started.

Yoga has been shown to be a perfect exercise to help prevent osteoporosis. Arthritic pain felt in feet or hands has been alleviated from arthritis sufferers with the use of Yoga poses. Seniors often feel depressed due to the lack of energy and flexibility which plays a large part in their daily lives. But yoga can help folks who were previously unable to get up on their own to feel energetic again and have a renewed flexibility and freedom from joint pain.

It is difficult to remain motivated to exercise if very little movement has been done on a regular basis. This causes muscles to lose their strength and tone and joints to become inflexible. However, seniors can use chairs, blocks, straps or other props to help them do yoga exercises –even those who have had a regular habit of misusing their bodies over the years. Folks fifty and over may think they are more fragile than they really are, but once they begin using Yoga, they will reap the benefits of renewed flexibility of their bodies. There is no good excuse not to try since there are many different modifications of Yoga positions that are available to those in their 50’s and over.

People over fifty need to challenge themselves not to stop with the beginning poses which are relatively easy, but to keep going with the goal in mind of attaining their highest possible success. If seniors keep on practicing breathing correctly, flexing their muscles that have not had much use and the various postures that they learn, the rewards will be theirs to enjoy. They should keep in mind though that their bodies can tell them when they need to slow down.

If people in their older years desire to keep their muscles and joints strong and supple, yoga can help with this and more. It helps improve balance and keep minds active with a more positive attitude, especially when they feel younger and more agile than before they began an active Yoga program. Even people in their 70’s and 80’s can strengthen their bodies and gain a renewed sense of general health and happiness by beginning to practice Yoga in the latter years of their lives.

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