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Like most men, I was skeptical of even the though of trying out yoga, thinking it was something that would be most likely painful, and a little out of the testoserone element. Also like most men, I experience back pain from time to time, in my case thanks to protruding L4 and and L5 discs stemming from a car accident years ago. As time goes on, and your family pulls you home, getting to the gym can be hard. Home equipment isn't necessarily practical or cost effective, so what can a man do?

Former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page is the man behind the concept. Wrestling fans may remember the performer as a former champion in the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling, and who later wrestled in World Wrestling Entertainment, in addition to writing his biography and branching out into acting. He is a man who started wrestling later in life at age 35, so Page was always looking for help to keep himself in the best physical condition compared to his younger colleagues. A couple of years ago, his wife suggested yoga to help him deal with the harsh pain of Page's profession.

Now that Page is retired, he has devoted his full time to developing this concept, starting with the book, which is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers. The book is easy to follow, with 20, 30 and 40 minute routines. The text will tell you how to breathe (and it is important) and the pictures are numbered for the correct sequence. Page has put in people with all kinds of bodies, young and old, but also some eye candy for the men. Yoga For Regular Guys has a forward from Rob Zombie, and some chapters devoted to nutrition and holistic health with massage therapy an chiropractic care. After running through the 20 minute program, I can say I was sweating like a stuck pig at a luau, which was surprising. Normally for that kind of sweat I would have to hit an elliptical machine or treadmill for an hour.

After viewing Page's website, Diamond Dallas, my main critical point is that I think he could expand on the case studies that are listed on his site. People who have tried the program have listed why they have turned to yoga, and have listed their success with how many pounds they have lost, inches lost, and other body measurements like blood pressure and body fat, complete with photographs on the website, but not so much in the book. I like to read these stories, and hope that I can count myself among success stories 3 months down the road. The nutritional information is helpful, but I have a hard time seeing most people down carrot juice on a regular basis. Perhaps some nutritional information for people who do not want to hit the extreme end of the nutrition bandwagon?

Overall, this book is excellent, and a good way for people to exercise if they are limited by traditional weight training and aerobics. You feel refreshed and that you have accomplished something at the end of a 20 minute session. Check it out today.

GL Hamilton has a BA in Recreation Management from Eastern Washington University. He publishes the blog Find A Sport to help people find a recreational activity that they can enjoy for health and fitness. Movement is an overlooked key to a healthy life.


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