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The Single Greatest Way to Increase Flexibility and Decrease Body Pains

Dan Boyle

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I wanted to comment further about Yoga because I have been doing it for almost a week. . . twice a day and already feel a lot better about my progress. Although I still feel stiff and wake up stiff, I instantly get a loose feeling when I start a 15 minute workout.

I feel like I don't have to worry about the majority of the women because they are probably already into yoga or would really like to be. The majority of the guys on the other hand probably think this is a waste of time and to feminine for them. . .

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The benefits of yoga are 3 fold -

1. Flexibility
This is obvious isn't it. But this has to be talked about again. . . I know a little redundant. Flexibility will really benefit your body and weight training.

Let's just put it this way. When I wake up in the morning and start my yoga routine, I bend over for the first time to touch my toes and the stiffness is incredible. I cannot wait for the morning when I bend down and with the ease of rubber band just flop right down.

That image and feeling that I dream of in my mind keeps me going big time. I am also really excited to see if this might be the missing step in my person weight training.

The greatest thing about flexibility and yoga is it is by far the greatest range of motion increaser out there. Whatever you may read, muscle down get longer. . . then just get back to moving the way they were meant to move.

We are all dysfunctional and yoga will cure this!

2. Breathing
I would easily consider this to be one of the most under appreciated techniques in fitness. Breathing can make the difference between getting that one extra rep or saving your head from blood pressure headaches.

Yoga is really cool in that sense because it teaches your to concentrate and control your breathing. It will actually a lot harder to do at first. Concentrating on breathing out and breathing in on direction is hard. . . especially when you are tired and start to break faster.

However in both yoga and weight training, breathing makes your body feel less restricted. It helps to relax your muscles and make them easier to move.

Learn to breathe and don't underestimate the importance of it.

3. Mental Power
The ability to concentrate and keep your mind focused is huge. Focus will improve your performance not only in yoga but in weight training. Yoga is so great because if forces you to focus.

I can't even imagine how I would let me mind wander during the routine. I am so present trying to make the different positions effective that I am always there. That is a good habit to form.

In the gym focusing on your exercise can make the difference between getting results and just going through the motions. Concentrating on the movements will actually help your muscle perform them better.

The power of the mind!

So don't let the zen like image of yoga scare you away, or make you feel like you are going to be laughed at. . . once you practice it and improve you will become a preacher of yoga! The benefits are great for your weight training and just the range of motion increases are going to be out of this world.

Dan Boyle is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. He specializes in weight training, however realizes that Yoga and flexibility play a major role in creating the body you want. To learn more about weight training and yoga and receive a free fitness analysis, visit


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