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Improve Yoga Flexibility With Simple Stretching Exercises


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Flexibility is cherished by many. There are many cases when flexibility is of prime importance. This is usually the case with athletes and sportspersons. They need to have a very high level of fitness and flexibility. For the common person, the issue of flexibility and improving flexibility is not that important. However, when cramped up muscles do not respond to the call of many activities then flexibility becomes important. During these times, flexibility becomes essential and people resort to many means to improve flexibility. Doing exercises improves the flexibility of the body. The capability and flexibility of the body is greatly enhanced by simple stretching exercises.

There are various stretching exercises, broadly divided into three types. They are static, dynamic, and ballistic. The controlled exercises fall under the category of static stretch. A stretch position is maintained for 10 to 60 seconds. During a static stretch, you need to focus in breathing deeply and relaxing the target muscles. Holding the posture for 10 to 60 seconds is meant to extend the feeling of insignificant pain. In the dynamic stretching, the muscles are allowed full movement. The person performing the exercise should focus on keeping a right dynamic stretch and smooth constant without causing a shock to the muscles.

Few good dynamic stretches could be arm circles, trunk circles, knee raises and leg raises. These exercises should be done carefully. The ballistic exercise is a form of vertical movement exercise and involves inertial pressure for stretching the muscles. It can cause tension in the muscles instead of relaxing. In these exercises, there is some risk of injury involved.

The golden rule is the increasing of flow of blood to make the muscles more flexible. The myotatic reflex is what every muscle is subjected to. When a muscle lengthens beyond a particular end, the myotatic reflex will attempt to shorten it. This is the tension you feel when you are doing stretching exercises. The myotatic reflex at times prevents too much of a strain. The muscles in a particular area of your body could overstrain and tear if the myotatic reflex is not there.

The fact is that you cannot fully utilize the body in absence of myotatic reflex. When a person is stretching the myotatic reflex, he or she will find a new limit but this event needs to be slow and consistent. This is the reason why the person should set stretching goals.

There is the need of joint stretching exercises to improve flexibility. The dynamic stretches help in these cases immensely. The muscles are made to move more freely. The joint stretching exercises should be followed by static exercises. These light static exercises at the end of every workout also refresh and relax your muscles. A particular skeletal muscle or a muscle group is stretched and elongated to its fullest while doing stretching exercises. This is done to improve elasticity of muscles and reaffirm comfortable muscle tone. Yoga also helps to improve flexibility. Many exercises improve the general physical flexibility of a person.

These are some of the methods to improve flexibility of the body and thus improve the quality of living.

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