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Relax! Five Easy Yoga Stretches to Release Tension and Stress at Work.

Ntathu Allen

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Are you a busy executive? Do you spend a lot of time at work in meetings, reading reports, writing documents, and inputting data into your computer? Do you ever feel under so much pressure to complete projects, that you end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted? Maybe your shoulders ache, your neck feels sore, your mind cluttered and confused.

During these moments, it can be difficult to think clearly. You lack creativity; you may even feel demoralised and doubt your ability to complete your project in time.

The following five easy to follow yoga exercises, which you can do in a chair at your desk, are guaranteed to help release tension and fatigue from your body and quieten your mind.

Before you begin these simple stretches, sit comfortably on your chair. Feet flat on the floor, arms hanging loosely at your side. Smile and relax your shoulders. Lengthen your spine, and breathe slowly and deeply.

One. Raise both arms above your head. Place your left hand on your right wrist. Gently stretch to the right. Keep your body strong and straight. Breathe into the stretch. Switch sides and repeat.

Two. Still sitting, cross your left leg over your right knee. Place your right hand on the crossed knee. Gently turn your body to the left and look behind you. Allow your shoulders to be relaxed as you relax and breathe into the pose. Inhale. Release
your arms and legs; return to centre. Exhale. Switch legs and slowly twist to the other side.

Three. Rest your hands on your thighs. Exhale. Slowly fold forward from your hips
Allow your hands to drop towards the floor and hang loosely. When you have stretched as far forward as you comfortably can, gently lower your head towards the floor and allow your back to round. Hold this position for 4- 7 deep breaths. Inhale as you lift your head a little and slowly come back up.

Four. Place your palms on your thighs, fingers pointing forward, elbows bent. Arch your back, expand your chest, extend your neck, and allow your head to tip back slightly. Look up at the ceiling. Slowly come back to the upright position.

Five. Rest your palms on your thighs. Close your eyes, relax your face, relax your shoulders. Breathe slowly in for a count of four. Exhale slowly for a count of four. Repeat this breathing practice 4-7 times and then return to normal breathing.
Have a Go! Practice these simple stretches and see how great you feel. You will feel mentally calmer, more alert and, physically better.

Ntathu Allen, Yoga Teacher, teaches professionals simple yoga stretches and meditation to manage stress at work , improve creativity and strengthen relationships at work and at home. Contact Ntathu for your free monthly Yoga and Polarity Enewsletter - Healing for the Soul.


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