Risks Of Laser Hair Removal


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Many think that laser hair removal is only a cosmetic procedure. So nothing can go wrong, right? In reality, laser hair removal is also considered a medical procedure. All medical procedures have some risks, dangers and side effects associated with them, no matter how insignificant they can be.

It is a fact that laser hair removal is an extremely popular procedure that gazillions of people all around the globe have undertaken. Why? Apparently the risks are not detering anyone who wants to be hair free. However, anyone planning to go for this procedure should be aware of the risks involved and also understand the science behind the treatment.

How the procedure works is often a source of mystery among many patients. Laser hair removal simply involves a light that uses special wavelengths to damage the end of the hair or the hair follicles. The strength of the light is adjusted such that just enough damage is done to prevent or reduce the amount of hair that grows back. The light used in the hair removal procedure targets the high pigmented colors of the hair. Thus, if you are planning to go for a laser hair removal treatment, do stay out of the sun at least a few weeks prior to the procedure. Having a tan or dark colored skin can make the procedure difficult or even impossible. That said, there is really not much danger if you still go ahead with the procedure but you only run the risk of having an ineffective treatment.

You must also take note of some medications that are not safe to use when having a laser hair removal treatment. If you are on any medication at all, it is important to let your doctor know before the treatment begins. There are some medications that can reduce the effects of the procedure. But that is the least of the problem. The real possible danger lies in the health risks associated with combining medications with the hair removal procedure.

Most patients who have experienced laser hair removal did not, in fact, feel any pain. However, some individuals may experience a small amount of pain, but it is often manageable. The amount of discomfort experienced during the procedure is noted by many patients to be similar to the feeling of someone pricking you. However if you are having the treatment at sensitive areas such as the armpits and the groin/bikini region, pain is evitable. If you are concerned about the pain associated with your hair removal procedure, speak to your doctor about the possibilities of anesthesia.

The highest risks associated with laser hair removal are laser marks or skin burns. The good news is that these risks are very rare if the procedure is done properly. The risk runs high the hair removal procedure was not properly performed. Thus it is extremely important to find out the track record of the place or person who you are getting to do your hair removed by laser.

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