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There are many types of solutions created for the treatment for cellulite. However, there has been little if any scientific proof, at best, to show that some of these treatments are useful in reducing signs of cellulite. Some of these include Endermologie, liposuction as well as cellulite contouring cream, lotion and gel. Most of the feedback has been in the form of patient self-assessment and subjective feedback. However, most experts agree that in the treatment for cellulite there is no one miracle cure to rid the body of it completely. Its appearance can be improved upon, but unfortunately it's a fact of life for almost 90% of women and not due to obesity. Yes even thin women suffer from cellulite as well.

To understand what needs to be completed in the treatment for cellulite we must first look at what the causes are. Any of the following are known to be contributors to the development of cellulite on the lower extremities (hips, butt, thighs and stomach) of a woman:

  • Excessive weight gain (which can make matters worse even though cellulite is not related to obesity)
  • Natural Aging (as skin breaks down and loosens)
  • Lack of Activity or Exercise
  • Poor diet (consuming too much fat, sugar or processed foods)
  • Pregnancy (with increased hormone levels)
  • Impaired blood circulation (caused by a non-active lifestyle, cigarette smoking and high amounts of caffeine)
  • Impaired lymph draining (the body's inability to remove toxins and wastes)

The good news is there are treatments available to help alleviate some of the symptoms and signs of cellulite:

It is important to exercise (weight and cardiovascular training) to rid the body of excess fat and to firm the underlying muscles. It maintains a healthy weight to avoid obesity and also improves circulation.

Also it is critical to really watch what you eat. You should try to consume a diet that includes lean meats (eggs, fish and chicken), keep fats and sugars low, fiber high and focus on using fresh fruits and vegetables for your carbohydrate consumption. Avoid foods that have been processed, have high salt content and contain excessive amounts of caffeine. Alcohol is also a no no. Drink lots of water instead to flush the body of toxins.

Try not to smoke as it causes the skin to age quicker and promotes poor circulation. Bottomline, it feeds the body high toxins while also preventing their elimination.

Try applying products like cellulite contouring cream and devotedly massage the lower body to improve circulation, create lymph drainage and make the skin overall look and feel smoother. Try Endermologie or a related massage technique that may work for you depending on your budget.

Try herbs such as ginkgo biloba, fish oils, horse chestnut, dandelion root or parsley. Each is valuable in improving skin tissue fibers, aiding in the ability to improve the rate at which the body may burn fat.

Again, at the end of the day, it is important to note that the treatment for cellulite is subjective to how the patient feels after giving these techniques a try for an extended period of time. While we cannot simply apply a cellulite contouring cream and expect a miracle on our backsides, we can try several methods which when coupled together as an anti-cellulite program. Perhaps when all is said and done, it can make us feel and look better to a certain extent each time we look at our reflections in the mirror.

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