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For Some A Weight Loss Patch Is A Good Option

Chickie Maxwell

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The market for weight loss products exploded in the 1990s and growth has not let up since. As the epidemic of obesity has grown, so to has the research showing that obesity contributes to many of the most common chronic diseases. It is no wonder that the more people look for ways to be healthy, the more options are made available. The problem is many of these options are potentially risky or outright dangerous to the individual's health. The weight loss patch is neither of these, as it safely provides a form of appetite suppression known by physicians for thousands of years.

Not a Drug, Not a Surgery, Not Another Fad Diet
Bariatric surgeries have been proven effective for weight loss in most cases, but these results rely on the patient following a strict protocol and trustworthy doctors. Horror stories in the news about deaths caused by malpractice and weight loss profiteering have undermined the trust many have for doctors. So too, drugs have proven a viable option for some people, but these are almost always based on artificial stimulation of the metabolic rate, and this is dangerous over the long run.

If even 10 percent of fad diets worked, it is unlikely anyone would be reading this. If you have tried one or more of these options, or are just plain afraid to after knowing the risks, it makes sense to look at a new option based on a very old idea of how the body works. The weight loss patch is a non-transdermal method of reducing hunger, so that a healthy and safe diet plan can be used with greater success.

How Does the Weight Loss Patch Work?
People are accustomed to patches being used to deliver medicine, but this type is non-transdermal meaning nothing is transferred through the skin. Instead, it provides stimulation to an acupressure point identified in Traditional Chinese Medicine over a thousand years ago.

The Spleen 6 point (SP6), or Three Yin Intersection, is located three finger-widths up from the top of the inner ankle bone. Because it is a crossing point of the kidney, liver and spleen meridians, it has been used extensively by Chinese physicians to treat emotional and digestive disorders. The spleen meridian represents the yin energy of the stomach, and it is helpful for addressing stomach deficiency. It lies on the liver meridian, which is the focal point of mood changes that accompany hunger.

Why Not Just Use Acupuncture?
Seeing an acupuncturist regularly may be a good fit for some people, though it is important to realize that the greater stimulation provided by a needle will have to be repeated over many visits to be effective. The weight loss patch that stimulates SP6 will do the same at a far lower cost, helping to suppress appetite, emotional eating, and digestive problems that may be resulting in poor absorption of essential micro-nutrients.

A diet plan is still a necessary tool in the battle to lose weight, but this battle will be more successful with the help of the weight loss patch.

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