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5 Food Remedies that Actually Reduce PMS Symptoms


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Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS can be described as a hormonal disorder that affects 80 percent of all women at some time in their lives. The symptoms of PMS usually begin one or two weeks before a menstrual period. The PMS symptoms are varied and many, including gas, cramping of the stomach and abdomen, bloating in the abdomen, break outs of the skin, rashes, nervousness, weight gain, generalized edema, headache soreness in the breasts, mood imbalances, body aches, mental confusion, physical and mental fatigue.

Premenstrual Syndrome can be can be a very uncomfortable time for women and and may cause stressful life and problematic relationships. There are, however, some ways to reduce the impact of PMS, using minor lifestyle changes, preventative measures and home remedy treatments.

Nutrition is undoubtedly a good starting point for the treatment of PMS ; it is safe, relatively cheap, effective and puts the sufferer in control of her own treatment. Eat a healthy, balanced diet can help to decrease some of the symptoms of PMS. Here are some food that can help you to combat symptoms of PMS

Foods rich in Calcium. Ome studies has been shown that calcium help to reduce most PMS symptoms, especially emotional imbalances, food cravings, fluid retention, and all the various types of premenstrual pain. You can add calcium in your diet through milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, cheese, sardines, and dairy productsVeggies such as white beans and broccoli are also high in calcium levels. Add some calcium unto your diet and help your bones develop well and take control of your mood and other PMS symptoms.

Foods high in vitamin E. Vitamin E an antioxidant that help control your PMS and for better overall health. It has been proven to aid in PMS, lessening the breast tenderness that a woman feels during this period. Foods which are high in vitamin E include milk, eggs, avocado, hazelnuts, asparagus, wholegrain products and almonds.

Foods rich in Magnesium. This element has the ability to calm and relax our muscles during tension time in PMS. It promotes a cellular stabilization of hormonal levels which shifts in relation to your upcoming menstrual cycle. Aside from this, magnesium also aids in controlling and decreasing tension, irritability and cramps in a woman who is often experiencing these PMS symptoms. Foods that are rich in Magnesium include halibut, bananas, fig, almonds, artichokes, lentils, spinach, beans, tomatoes, wild salmon and sunflower seeds.

Foods high in vitamin B. Tis vitamin helps to stabilize their moods and also reduce the PMS symptoms. Vitamins play a very important role in the body by helping the release of neurotransmitters regularly. Neurotransmitter is mainly responsible for dealing with the emotions in the body. Foods high in vitamin B such as bananas, legumes, turkey, oats, liver, beef and Potatoes

Water. Water seems to be our best friend, ladies. When you drink lots and lots of water, you are reducing any chance of fluid retention. Make sure you are drinking enough water, and add foods that have a high water content to your diet.

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