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Women's Issues - What is Insomnia?

Sherry L Harris

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Ladies, with so many problems in our lives and trying to gain control of the plethora of hormones that is our bodies, it's a shame that we have to deal with sleepless nights, too. Insomnia affects millions of women all over the world, and it is time to get the facts about what it is all about.

Insomnia is categorized as a sleeping disorder, and a major health problem overall. With some cases of insomnia, people will remain up for the entire night, tossing and turning. In other instances, insomnia can simply mean poor sleep habits, including frequent napping throughout the day, and little sleep during the night.

Many different medical, emotional and social reasons can be the main causes for a lack of complete rest. Any time the body undergoes major changes, or sometimes even little ones, it will react, and it will be hard to be comfortable enough to relax at bedtime.

Depression and anxiety can be two of the biggest causes of insomnia, particularly for women. The central nervous system begins working overtime in these instances, and will slowly wear the body down. In the meantime, the brain is still stimulated by negative thoughts, as several chemicals are being released as a result, and the brain begins to wait for the signal that all is well. If the worries continue to perpetuate, the body will be sluggish, but the mind will be confused and never know when it is in fact time for some sleep.

But many times, it is not our bodies, but what we put into them, that can keep us staring at the ceiling for hours at night. Excessive late-night snacking and caffeine addiction will surely prevent you from a comfortable night of sleep. With snacking, you are keeping the body working overtime, and you may also feel some discomfort from having a full belly when you are trying to have sweet dreams. With coffee and soda, both the body and mind will take hours to come to a complete stop in order to settle in for the long haul.

And often times, a variety of health issues can contribute to insomnia, because of pain or restlessness. In addition, the medications you may be taking for these problems can be potent enough to have you wide-eyed when you should be off in dream land.

But, you can relax knowing that there are several different ways to overcome insomnia once and for all. Several different methods exist out there in order to calm the body and mind enough to enjoy sleeping for a full eight hours. Once your body becomes used to this healthy pattern, it will begin to naturally feel restful, without any aid or coercion.

A woman should listen to her body with regards to how much sleep she needs. Rest is an extremely significant part of a healthy lifestyle, so skipping this important step can only bring about harm to the body overall. Get ready to look and feel younger, all by combating your insomnia woes.

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