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Alternative Medicine For Menopause Do You Know These 7 Herbs?


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There are more alternative medicines for menopause than pharmaceutical forms of hormone therapy, according to a recent survey. It was expected since HRT have a reputation of presenting more dangers in women. Risks involved in hormone therapy made headlines times over, causing menopause sufferers to be more cautious with prescribed medication.

Pharmaceutical drugs cannot cope with the usual and unusual changes in a woman's body at this stage in life. Statistic shows that most if not all of the 70 percent of women suffering from menopause experience changes in mind and body that vary individually. These make alternative medicine menopause friendly.

Herbs are safer and appear to be reacting well to menopause. There are many samples that are quite useful for the symptoms of menopause. Here are a few:

* Available over the counter, Black Cohosh works well on hot flashes. Its effects are also good for cramping, and seem to affect the uterus positively.

* Another alternative medicine proven effective is Dong Quai. Also known as phytosterols, it's a natural hormone. More women believe in alternative medicine upon using this herb.

* Ginkgo Biloba is another useful herb. Since menopause brings forth fatigue, depression and memory loss, it can boost energy and promote blood circulation.

* Red Clover is especially useful for problems with the ovaries. The pain is much more bearable with its effect. It can be taken as Tea.

* Fresh sage is the best for hot flashes. It can be served as tea, or used in salads, vegetable dishes, soups and stews. Sage also helps to relieve night sweats that occur in women day and night.

* Saw Palmetto is widely accepted assisting fluid retention and also helps cure urinary tract infections.

* Maintaining a healthy sex life is essential during menopause. Sarsaparilla is enjoyed by more women as it increases energy and sex drive. It was once made popular in soft drinks long ago.

This is a tough time for all women. Menopause presents a variety of symptoms that needs a variety of solutions. With alternative medicine, women have more options as remedies for different symptoms.

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Life Extension and Menopause - Could Chinese Herbs Be a Better Answer than HRT?
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