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Conceive a Girl Go For Pink Naturally!

Julie Gardner

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Isn't it strange. . . when you are so desperate for something, everyone else seems to have it already!

Surely that's not fair? You wish for frilly pink dresses, cute pink teddy bears and baby pink decorating in the nursery. You are so desperate to conceive a girl, but will you take matters into your own hands? Or will you just stand by and watch the chance slip away?

Maybe you need a little help? A few pointers in the right direction? Hundreds of women are using natural gender selection to conceive the little princess that you are hoping for and dreaming of. . . So why don't you give it a try!

When you want something, you seem to notice it more. It will seem like everyone around you has a daughter. And everywhere you look there will be girlie things. The TV shows will all have girlie adverts, toy ponies and dolls. The shops will be full of girlie gifts at Christmas, even the supermarkets are full of products geared to towards the female gender. The more you think about conceiving a girl, the more desperate you get. The more stressed you become about conceiving a girl, the less chance you have of conception taking place altogether. It's like a great big vicious circle.

Conceive a girl? - Of course you can!

Some women don't worry about the gender of their next child, they don't seem to mind either way. Others need a baby of a certain gender.

The need to control the gender of your baby can be born from a variety of reasons. But whatever the reason, natural gender selection has already helped thousands of women to achieve their baby gender goals.

Natural gender selection - Facts & figures

Natural gender selection gives you the chance to conceive a girl. With astounding results of around 94% success rate, what are you waiting for?

There is I guess, always the chance that you could be one of the 6% that it doesn't work for. Life rarely has 100% guarantee's for anything these days. Even medical gender selection has an error margin, some can be a lot higher than 6%. We've all heard how IVF can cost thousands and yet it only has a 35% chance of achieving a pregnancy at all, and yet millions of women every year spend their hard earned money on a procedure that could potentially leave them heart broken!

What about choosing the gender of your baby through IVF, also known as MicroSort. Well if you manage not to be in the 60ish per cent that don't conceive at all, then you have a 70-80% chance of pre-determining the gender of your baby! Doesn't really sound that good any more does it! (And all at a cost of a few thousand dollars)

What's all the hype about ‘Natural Gender Selection’

With natural gender selection, you are in control! There are certain things that you will do to help you conceive a girl. You will determine your diet, you will chart when you ovulate, you will use the best position (for making a girl) during sex. All giving you a higher chance, a 94% chance of conceiving a girl.

So really the choice is yours, it's not just a lucky dip! Do you want to spend thousands on medical gender selection?, do you want to do nothing?
Or do you want to see how you can conceive a little girl!

For more info on conceiving a girl, join me, Julie at : Baby girl conception tips


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How to Conceive a Girl (An Easy, Reliable Way)
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