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Candida Diet and Catabolism

Paul Blanco

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Catabolism is a new focus in the sports world, and it is starting to show up for health reasons as well. So how does the Candida diet and catabolism fit together.

Let's start with catabolism before we get to the rest. This is the chemical reactions that break down complex molecules into simpler ones for energy production. If energy is produced, it is stored as glycogen, (sugar), or fat. An example of this would be simple carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta, chips and snack food, and other types of simple carbohydrates.

When we eat these types of foods, our body breaks them down and stores them for future use if we do not need them right now. Calories can also be used the same way.

The problem with this when talking about the Candida diet and catabolism is that the fungus thrives on sugar. The more sugar your body has, the more the fungus is able to survive. In essence, this process helps the Candida fungus live.

These two forces are enemies. The diet actually wants to work toward cutting down sugar as much as possible in the body in order to starve the fungus. The less catabolism going on in your body, the less food the infection has.

The Candida diet focuses on cutting out catabolism. High fiber, low starch food helps to get rid of the Candida fungus. This is the connection between the Candida diet and catabolism.

If you want to know more about catabolism, pay close attention to local sports training. Anti-catabolism is one of the newest and hottest words in the weight and sport training world to help people develop muscle quicker.

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