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Relieving Menopause Symptoms With Vitamins


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Perhaps the most misunderstood phase that a woman has to go through is menopause. It has been seen as a condition or a disease and not part of the life that a woman undergoes. This has made menopause not only scary for many women, but also a part of their lives that has been riddled with rumors and stories. The true light of what menopause is has not come about until fairly recently in the public eyes.

Due to the misconceptions that have been involved with menopause there have been countless prescriptions for anti-depression, diet pills, and other types of medications to combat this change in a woman's body. It has been seen as a stage that is feared and dreaded by many, and should not be seen as such. Some of the symptoms such as the hot flashes, the mood changes, and the hormonal imbalances are understandable, but can be helped with the addition of certain nutrients that can help minimize the symptoms of these changes. Some of the more common vitamins and minerals that can be taken are: iron, zinc, calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, niacin, thiamin.

Many of these nutrients are focused on alleviating the loss of blood and to help with the complications that can arise with these. One of the major vitamins in this are that has been effective with iron is Vitamin C. The particular variant that is in citrus fruits has been shown to be effective in helping with lessening the loss of blood. It has also been shown to help strengthen the cellular bonds that get strained in the transitioning that tends to come about with menopause.

Vitamin B6 has been considered to be one of the best anti-depressants that one can get. It is the base tool that the body uses in combating the harsh transitions that can come about with menopause. The massive hormonal changes have made many women go through bouts of depression and Vitamin B6 has been seen as the best remedy that a body can use in combating these nasty blah states when they come about. Many have seen this as a better solution, instead of adding chemicals or hormones that can solve the moods at the price of possibly complicating the transition that the woman is going through.

The one secret ingredient that can make a huge difference in menopause is Vitamin E. This has been proven to be the one vitamin that the body needs in this change and also is the reason that women can suffer such harsh and abusive hot flashes. The increase intake of Vitamin E has shown to lessen and in many cases remove the hot flashes that seem to always come with menopause. The main reason is that the body sees the Vitamin E as an estrogen substitute. In simple terms, the vitamin becomes a hormone therapy substitute and helps the body through the process of menopause more quickly. Vitamin E has also been shown to alleviate vaginal dryness, night sweats, and even mood swings.

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Woman Menopause Health and Menopause in Woman Symptoms
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