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Ovarian Cyst Symptoms The Signs That Say You Might Have an Ovarian Cyst


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Ovarian cysts - oh, how they can hurt! While only your doctor can give a totally accurate diagnosis as to whether you have an ovarian cyst or not, there are signs and symptoms of ovarian cysts that can clue you in.

Painful and Irregular Periods

While irregular bleeding is not a sure sign of an ovarian cyst, it is a common symptom. Painful periods are also very common in women who have cysts on their ovaries. It is quite common for women with cysts to have both of thee symptoms, but these signs alone are not enough to diagnose your medical condition.

Pain, Pain, Pain

Many women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts have complained of pain. Not only pain in the pelvic area, but also in their thighs and their lower back. The pain from an ovarian cyst is not limited to the time while you are on your period; it can happen at any time during your cycle. My ovarian cysts acted up and were most painful at the time during my cycle when I was ovulating.

Abdominal and Pelvic Symptoms

Having cysts on your ovaries can give you a constant feeling of fullness or of being bloated in your abdomen. Sometimes, there is difficulty passing urine or having a bowel movement. Many women have stated that having an ovarian cyst felt similar to the early stages of pregnancy.

It is important to have your doctor examine you to make the determination of cysts. As with any potential medical condition, self-diagnosis is not recommended. Once you have an accurate diagnosis from your physician, you will be better prepared to find an appropriate treatment that suits your needs.

Once a positive diagnosis for ovarian cysts has been given by your doctor, ask him/her what your options are. Many doctors recommend medication and quite possibly surgery. There is also a very promising and proven way that you can cure ovarian cysts naturally and it can be found at . Feel free to read more information about ovarian cysts .


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Facts About the Ovarian Cyst
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