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Cranberry For Treatment Of Vaginal Yeast Infection And Why You Should Be Concerned


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Most women who suffer from vaginal yeast infection know how uncomfortable it can become and how bothersome and inconvenient it is. The yeast growth is caused by many factors including the foods that you eat, the clothes you wear, lifestyle and medical condition. Pregnancy and pre-menstruation often can cause yeast infection because of the hormonal imbalance in the woman's body. The high level of estrogen is causing some changes in the vaginal environment that is incidentally a perfect condition for yeast growth and nourishment. This is also true for women who are taking birth pills containing estrogen.

Another factor is the present medical condition of the patient. When a woman has undergone some antibiotic prophylaxis, other microorganisms are also eliminated in the process that makes the balance between good and bad bacteria disrupted and encourages the growth of fungal infection. Women who are diabetic will also find them themselves prone to this condition. Tight clothing such jeans and panty hose should be avoided to avoid irritation as well nylon underwear because they trap the body's heat and makes a warm and moist environment for yeast infection.

Yeast infection is not only irritating because of intense itching; it is also painful for some to urinate and to have sex. Others find a burning sensation every time they use the bathroom, this is because the vulva and the urinary tract is also affected and irritated and when urine passes them they worsen the condition. Others will feel pain during intercourse and will try to avoid having one, although the problem arises when infection becomes more common causing disruption in the *** activity of the affected person.

There are many medications that can be used for treating yeast infection. One major consideration is that yeast infections are common to rebound, and medications always have some side effects. For this reason many more women are turning to natural or herbal remedies as an alternative to over the counter medications. These include garlic that acts naturally like an antibiotic and is a potent cure for yeast infection. Yogurt is another alternative for topical ointment that can relieve itching and swelling of the vulva and greatly helps in the relief of the symptoms. Tea tree oil is another natural remedy for this kind of infections which is also all natural and has no adverse side effects.

Another natural remedy for treatment of vaginal yeast infection is cranberry. Cranberry has been long known to strengthen the urinary tract which makes it a perfect treatment for yeast infection especially when the person is experiencing pain during urination. You can drink cranberry juice, or take cranberry tablets or dried cranberry fruit to help with the condition. You can research online about the many benefit of cranberry and you are not taking any risk when you choose to treat your yeast infection with cranberry. It is important to remember that if you suspect you have yeast infection to visit your doctor as soon as possible to get a right diagnosis.

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