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Foods To Prevent Vaginal Yeast Infection


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Everyone knows that vaginal yeast infection is not a problem that can be cured overnight. Its itchy, smelly, disturbing and a big mess! But as doctors would always advice their patient, prevention is better than cure and so it is still best if you start to do right ahead, all of those necessary precautions that could hamper the problem from developing within your system. There are actually a lot of means that you can do to prevent the infection the branch of medicine suggest that by avoiding certain foods while at the same time boosting the consumption of other foods is the most possible solution to the problem.

Diet surely plays an important part in maintaining the proper balance of the body. As it was said, ‘you are what you eat’ which simply connotes that your whole being depends on the food that you take in. For example, if a person loves to splurge over fatty foods then chances are: he is fat.

The yeast infection which is also known as Candida lives on moist and warm region thus making the mouth, vagina and intestinal areas their perfect home! Therefore to solve the problem, your body should possess the right proportion of Candida and various other advantageous floras in the intestinal tract. In view of this, doctors suggest that proper diet is the key. So what are exactly those foods that help prevent vaginal infection?

Goats and sheep's milk should be taken more than cow's milk although the former must be taken with moderation as well. Cow's milk and other dairy products that come from cow can trigger allergic reaction and slow down the digestion time which result to congestive mucus and other associated mucus problems that will lead to yeast infection.

When using oil, it is best to opt for those unrefined varieties of oil which include flaxseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, and cold pressed canola oils. Do not use just any oil available at the market particularly those hydrogenated ones since they only encourage the overgrowth of yeast. The same case is true with foods like dried fruits, mushrooms and condiments.

Since the problem is the yeast itself, try not to eat food rich in yeast rather prefer alternative products which are yeast free and was created through the use of non gluten grains such as amaranth, buckwheat, and quinoa. If you will use sugar, stick to stevia. Also, foods which include refined or simple carbohydrates like honey, bottled juices, pastries, white sugar and rice, rolls, pizza, muffins and other bread should be avoided. If you are a beer drinker, are you aware that it can also be one of those foods that attract the growth of yeast? So shun away from wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. Not eating those foods that triggered the growth of yeast infection would be helpful to lessen your risk of truly acquiring one. A little patience is all that it takes and you can reap the fruit of hard work.

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