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What The Experts Are Saying About Home Remedies For Yeast Infections


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If you have been suffering from yeast infection then you know how irritating it can become and how bothersome it is that can disrupt daily activity as well as affect one's relationship. The vulva is irritated and may have some swelling causing an intense itching. The urinary tract is also affected which is why other feel pain during urination and other may even feel pain during intercourse. With all these discomfort it is important that a woman seek medical help to relieve her from the many uncomfortable symptoms.

It is also important to know that yeast infection will not go away on its own; hoping for a miracle will also not do the trick. A proper diagnosis is your only choice for treating this disease since many other diseases is related to itching and swelling. When you are sure that your condition is caused by yeast infection then you can start planning an alternative home remedies as opposed to medicines and antibiotics that may have some adverse side effects when used for long periods of time. And since yeast infections are common to be repeated, it is only natural to look for other ways that will relieve the discomfort.

Avoid using scented feminine products that may strip your vagina of good bacteria. They are actually doing you more harm than good. Heavily scented soaps dry the vagina and irritate it as well as douching. Using very tight pants and panty hose also traps body heat causing a very good environment for yeast growth. Other foods like coffee, foods with lots of sugar and alcohol also encourages the growth of yeast bacteria, so if you are prone to having yeast infection avoid this types of food. This is especially true when you are about to have your monthly period since hormonal changes in your body makes you susceptible to this condition, and may even be aggravated by eating the wrong foods.

When you have yeast infection, do not use soap for cleaning the vaginal area. Use water only to encourage the return of good bacteria that soap and other feminine products had stripped. To relieve of itching and irritation, you can try to use yogurt as an alternative to topical ointment. It can also be used together with a tampon to deliver yogurt directly into the vagina and introduce good bacteria to replace yeast. It has been known to be effective in relieving itching and swelling and a potent cure for yeast infection.

There are many home remedies for yeast infection and this includes the use of garlic as an antibiotic to be inserted in the vagina wrapped in sterile gauze. Repeated use of garlic will kill yeast growth and relieve your of your symptoms. Tea tree oil can be used with tampons to also cure this disease; it is an all natural alternative. The advantage of home natural remedies of yeast infection is that they are friendlier to your body and is definitely more inexpensive.

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How to End Yeast Infections With Home Remedies
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