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Tips for Curing Endometriosis Naturally


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Women are choosing natural treatments for endometriosis to avoid the sometimes harmful and even fatal treatments that come with traditional medicines. Some traditional medicines include surgery, pain relievers, prescription pain killers and even birth control or hormone medication. There are many different kinds of natural treatments and here are some tips for curing Endometriosis naturally.

Diet -

Many women have reported relief from their Endometriosis symptoms by simply making changes in their diets. For example, a lot of those women experienced relief by avoiding a lot of different dairy products like milk and cheese. Avoiding caffeine from coffee, tea and soft drinks is another way that a lot of women cure endometriosis naturally. Of course, when you eliminate dairy products, you should be sure to get enough calcium from other sources to make up the difference. Another way to help symptoms is to get plenty of fiber from sources like fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of fluids like water or juices. Certain fat compounds can have anti-inflammatory effects which can help relieve symptoms. You can get these compounds from foods like fish, flaxseed and canola oils.

Acupuncture -

This ancient Chinese practice involves inserting needles into certain parts of the body and is said to heal many different kinds of conditions. Some women have found relief by seeking help from a certified acupuncturist. The needles which are used are made of solid metal and they are extremely thin, about the size of a hair. Should you decide to seek acupuncture therapy, it's very important to find a qualified and experienced acupuncturist to help you. Not doing so could result in injury or infections.

Herbal Remedies for Endometriosis -

Many women rely more and more on natural treatments such as herbs. Some of the herbs that are said to help Endometriosis include Evening Primrose, Wild Yam and Red Raspberry for bleeding and cramps. If you experience these symptoms with your Endometriosis, you can use these herbs to help relieve the symptoms. You can drink the Evening Primrose and the Red Raspberry in a tea or use another method for this kind of herbal treatment. Another helpful herb is Chamomile. You can use drops of this essential oil with drops of Lavender oil in your bath to relieve inflammation. Drinking Chamomile in a tea with a bit of honey to sweeten it is also a great way to get rid of the accompanying stress that comes with Endometriosis.

Although Endometriosis is a painful, frustrating and taxing condition, there are things you can do. If you do not want to go through surgery or take harmful drugs that may make your condition worse, experiment with the natural treatments above. Finding something great that works is very easy and many women have done it already. Good luck.

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