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Bulimia and Hormone Imbalance


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The recent study on bulimia and eating disorders makes sense. In the study bulimia is linked to a hormone imbalance. There are lots of theories about the condition of overeating or binge eating. It all happens this way: a patient feels stressed, numb and depressed and goes get a snack in the kitchen. She eats and still feel empty, and eat again. It goes on and on daily.

When she looks at herself in the mirror, she starts hating what she sees. She then gets to try drastic measures to lose weight. The patient actually gets even more depressed by the weight that she starts taking laxatives, self induce vomiting, getting on an obsessive exercise routine, etc. She probably even gets to be anorexic from trying to lose the weight. Her loved one refers her to the doctor and she is further referred to the psychologist as she has mental behaviour known as eating disorder.

This is what most teenagers and women go through. Some keep their bulimic behaviour a secret as they are often judged for their obesity. Patients should know that this is not their own doing. They could be having a more serious illness and should seek medical help.

Whilst bulimia is linked to a mental behaviour, it could be a complex medical condition too. In some cases male sex hormone testosterone could be in higher levels than female sex hormone estrogen leading to more frequent hunger attacks. This disturbance in the metabolic rate induces a bulimic condition. Most females who suffer from this also have PCOS. A hormonal cure in the form of contraceptives is prescribed when this is the case. It is always advisable to get help if you find yourself binge-eating endlessly.

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