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White Vaginal Discharge from Yeast Infection

Jim Somchai

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One of the problems that women have is the white vaginal discharge. Many women are not sure what the cause of the white discharge is and how to cure it. This article talks about the white vaginal discharge and how to tell the difference with the discharge of other colors.

The white vaginal discharge is commonly caused by the yeast which has other name Candida. The most well-known specie is “Candida albican". The infection of this type of yeast is called “Candidiasis". Many people may have heard the name of “yeast" in the beer brewing and bread baking industry and wonder if they are the same. They are from different species. The industrial yeasts do not cause infection and not pathogenic.

The white vaginal discharge from yeast infection can be easily noticed. The color of the discharge will vary from strong white to rather clear. The smell of the discharge is similar to bread or beer smell due to the nature of yeast.

Some women may have encounter different colors of vaginal discharge and have doubt what the causes are. Here are the explanations:

Yellow vaginal discharge: This is caused by bacteria. It will have fishy smell or the rotting smell. This mostly comes from *** Transmitted Diseases (STD). The person, who has this, needs to urgently consult the doctor since the symptom can aggravate.

Green vaginal discharge: The more severe form of bacteria infection in the vagina.

Bloody vaginal discharge or pink vaginal discharge:This comes from the bacterial infection in the urethra. A lot of time it comes with lower abdominal pain and need to urinate often. The cause of bacterial infection is mainly holding the urination for too long, not urinate while you feel you need to, and the germs grow in the urethra. Again, the symptom needs to be cured by prescription medicine. The person needs to consult the doctor.

A lot of time people mix up the different discharges with different causes. This article talks about different colors of vaginal discharge and tell if the cause is from yeast infection.

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