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What Chemicals Can Cause a Yeast Infection?

Jim Somchai

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Yeast Infection can be annoying and it can also be painful to many women around the world. There are many causes of yeast infection. You may want to know if chemicals are one of the causes of yeast infection. If so, what are they? How they can trigger them. This article will talk about the relationship between chemical and yeast infection.

Some chemicals including inks, dyes, and perfumes can upset the balance in the vagina. It can trigger allergy and finally turns it to yeast infections. The commercial douches that many women like to use are considered harmful to the vaginal environment and can cause them. The douches are claimed to kill odor-causing bacteria in the vagina. The bacteria unfortunately are the ones that control the yeast population in the vagina. Soaps can also be disruptive to vaginal environment and can destroy the mucous membranes in the vagina. To avoid having yeast infection, you have to avoid using soaps on your crotch.

Other chemicals that can cause allergy to the vagina are the chemicals in the perfumed and colored toilet paper. They can also cause yeast infection. If you are allergic to colored one, you will need to change to un-dyed toilet paper.

Some laundry detergent can cause allergy that lead to yeast infection. Select the right detergent to wash your underwear. Feminine deodorant sprays can similarly trigger the infection of yeast.

The chemical which cover many condoms is nonoxinol-9. It is a spermicidal which may also kill HIV virus. The chemical can also disturb vaginal environment and trigger yeast infection. Avoid using condom that has spermicidal lubricant. Some people are allergic to latex, then they will have to find other ways of safer sex if they do not want to get into a trap.

Many chemicals can trigger yeast infection. This article describes the related chemicals and suggests how you can avoid them.

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