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Addressing Period Pain - Some Points To Help You Survive

Andy Fox-Hulme

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A few reasons why periods are painful.

Every month your womb or uterus develops a supplementary lining which is dense and rich in blood. If the egg developed by the ovaries gets fertilized, it will be nourished and sustained in this lining while it grows into a baby. However should the egg not become impregnated, menstruation begins. Both the egg and additional lining discharge via the vagina during menstruation, giving rise to the release you'll experience. The uterus comprises a muscle, and constricts to aid this monthly casting off of its lining. Chemicals known as prostaglandins initiate these muscular contractions. If an excess of chemicals are created this can stimulate the pains and spasms a lot of women experience during their period.

Do some Women have more potential to suffer from period pain?

Approximately a third of all women go through period pain each month. Bad periods are especially common in fifteen to twenty-five year-olds, who might not have settled into a typical cycle. Luckily, periods tend to become more pain-free with age, and can become painless after giving birth.

A few of the more common symptoms:

Period pain is commonly experienced as uncomfortableness or a cramping pain in the bottom part of your belly, this may distribute to the back and possibly to the legs as well. The painfulness could be experienced as an abrupt colicky pain that rises and goes away, or as a constant ache, every woman goes through period pain differently. Painful sensation can begin a few days prior to bleeding, or simultaneously, it can keep going for just a couple of hours up to as long as three days. Many women feel headachy or nauseous also, a few also become lightheaded, exhausted or generally feel under the weather.

A few things you are able to do to help alleviate the pain:

The fact that warmth loosens up muscles might also help to subdue period pain. A hot water bottle pushed against your tummy or back, or a hot bath sometimes works miracles. Massage or aromatherapy can help relaxation, or you could try lightly rubbing or massaging your tummy. Placing a couple of drops of an essential oil, lavender for instance with your bath sometimes helps you to relax. Light exercising could even help you get your mind off the uncomfortableness. A few women go through mood swings about the time of their period and the methods above may help deal with this too.

I've been told that contraceptive pills might help with period pain. Is this accurate?

A couple of months taking an oral contraceptive pill has been acknowledged to help with the issue for numerous women. This can be a handy answer to two issues naturally, for women who need protection from pregnancy as well. You should confer with your physician to determine whether this would constitute an appropriate choice for you.

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