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Natural Cures For Yeast Infection - Cure Yeast Infection At Home


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Yeast infections are very common in women. At least 75% of women suffer with it once or more in their lives. This infection also occurs in men but the ratio is considerably low in comparison to women. Itching in the vagina, swelling of the vulva, burning in the vagina and around the vulva, white vaginal discharge, pain during *** intercourse are some common symptoms of it. But natural cures for yeast infection can be affected under proper guidance.

Yeast is the common name of Candida Albicans fungus. Candida Albicans are tiny organisms that normally grow either on skin or around and inside vagina. The acidic environment inside vagina is directly related with occurrence of yeast infection.

The acidic level inside the vagina changes due to various reasons. Some of these are pregnancy, diabetes, irregular menstruation; frequent use of antibiotics, steroids, chemicals used in soaps, unhygienic conditions, birth control pills, frequent exposure to semen, tight panties etc. Most of the natural remedies have long lasting effect than the counter remedies. Following time-tested natural cures of yeast infection will be helpful to you.

The bacteria in yogurt are very useful in treating it. The plain and unsweetened yogurt delivers extremely soothing effect on the infected area of the skin. Home-made yogurt can also be used to cure yeast infection Soak a tampon in plain yogurt and insert it into the vagina or just rub some yoghurt liquid outside of vagina. Yogurt should be used twice or thrice a day until the infection lasts.

Diluted apple-cider vinegar is used to cure it. It is used internally and externally both. The best way to use apple-cider vinegar is to mix a cup of apple-cider vinegar in your bathwater. This will deliver a soothing effect on the infected area as well as it will cure the infection.

Garlic is also used to cure infection To cure the infection, insert a clean garlic clove into the vagina after every two or three hours. However in the market, some garlic tablets are also available.

One of the other natural cures of yeast infection is intake of oregano herb oil. Drink oregano herb oil as per directions. Application of tea tree oil on the infected area is another natural cure of yeast infection.

Frequent water intake is also helpful to reduce yeast infection. Like me, if you too desire to treat your yeast infection permanently with natural cures for yeast infection without visiting your doctor frequently, please visit:


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Natural Cures For a Yeast Infection - For Those With A Chronic Infection
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