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Does All Womens' Nipple Area Widen After Breast Augmentation?


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There are many questions that are asked all the time with regards to a breast augmentation procedure. One of these questions is whether or not the patient's areola widens after the breast augmentation procedure. The truth to this is that in general the areola does no widen in most surgical procedures. This does not mean that it will not happen because it is largely dependent on the size of the implant that is used. There is also one other reason that a women's areola may widen after a breast augmentation procedure and that has to do with how thick or thin the tissues and skin are that make up the breasts and areolas.

The thinner the skin and soft tissues of the breast are the more likely that they are to stretch. A good example of this is if you were to look at your hand. Because the palm side of your hand gets used all the time the skin is thicker and it is harder to pull and stretch whereas if you were to pull on the skin that is on the back side of the hand where it is thinner it can stretch more.

Basically, the thicker the skin of the breasts are the larger the implant that you can have put in during your breast augmentation while the thinner the skin the smaller the implant that can be used without widening the areolas.

In most cases the areola will not widen on a breast augmentation patient. Although there may be some cases of the areola widening these are usually not noticeable. In the cases where a noticeable widening of the areola can be seen this is generally attributed to the patients skin being too thin and the implants being to large for the patient's breast.

For more information regarding the possibility of areola widening in association with a breast augmentation procedure you should speak to your surgeon about it during your consultation. Most plastic surgeons will be able to determine if you may experience some areola widening from your procedure based on visible observations during the consultation.

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