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Breast Augmentation Risks - Dangers of Breast Implants


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There are a number of possible risks associated with the breast augmentation procedure that any patient should be knowledgeable on so that they can make a well informed decision regarding their surgery. Even though the chances of incurring a complication are small with regards to a breast augmentation it is still important to know and understand that these risks exist.

One of the first risks that one should know about is that of capsular contracture. In a capsular contracture, the scar tissue that forms around the implant continues to form in an amount that is greater than the allowance tolerated between the implant an the pocket it sits in. This may also lead to a ruptured implant.

In the event that the pocket is overly dissected during the procedure you may also get symmatia in which the patient's pectoral muscles are lifted off of their sternum and it is a very difficult to repair complication.

Sometimes blood can build up around the site that the surgery was performed. If this happens it is known as a hematoma. If the build up is not blood but a bodily fluid this is known as a seroma and both are possible complications associated with a breast augmentation.

Your breast implant is a silicone based sack and therefore is capable of not only being ruptured but also can deflate over time. While this is usually not an issue with regards to a saline filled implant, it can cause unnecessary risks should the saline solution be contaminated.

The tissue in the area may even die as a result of the procedure in which case you ill have what is known as necrosis. Necrosis is also a very rare complication associated with breast augmentations and although rare, a potential breast augmentation candidate should be aware of the possibility.

You may loose some if not all of your nipple sensation as a result of the breast augmentation procedure. Like any surgical procedure there will always be a chance of infection associated with it as well.

It is important to discuss all of the possible risks and complications that may be associated with a breast augmentation procedure with your surgeon during the preoperative consultation.

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