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Today Is Breast Cancer Awareness Day


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There are a lot of women who have breast cancer that are still here because their cancer was found early. This is showing that death by breast cancer is falling due to an advanced method of screening and that the treatments available are much better than they were years ago. The best day for breast cancer awareness is today.

We are living in a time of apparent breast cancer, and we should be happy for the progress that has been made against this disease that affects so many people across the world. This also means that progress must be continued to be made if we are going to want to see it stop having such a huge affect on families. This is the most common form of cancer found in women.

The death rate for breast cancer for women has actually dropped since 1986 and that is mainly due to proper screenings and breast examinations, which are the most reliable way of discovering cancer, which in turn leads to a lower number of deaths. Everyone knows that it works, but more work needs to be done to prevent even more women from developing breast cancer and that more will survive from it.

There are certain guidelines that one can follow to be more aware of breast cancer. All women once they reach adulthood should be going for mammograms every few years and more so as you get older, for the older you get the higher risk you have of developing it. You should have a talk with your doctor about any concerns you may have, and only have your breast exams done by a professional. We are all made to be aware of our bodies and how to check for changes, and this is especially true for your breasts. Even if you don't think something you've noticed is a big deal, it is still a good idea to let your doctor know, and let them decide whether further action should be taken.

It is always best to be well informed about the normal and aberrant conditions of your breasts. You may often suddenly find something wrong, and there may be nothing worrying about it, you should take that as a sign and make sure you eliminate the possibility of it being breast cancer. Lumps, in both women and men, are often benign and do not develop cancer cells, but knowledge is never wasted.

When it comes to breast cancer, the only way to overcome it and find a way to prevent more women and men from developing it is to plow ahead with research, and by doing so, hopefully it will show why some people are becoming more prone to developing it and how to combat it in such a way that everyone's quality of life is improved.

Make today to your breast cancer awareness day and find out what is the best breast cancer treatment option for you.


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Saving Lives Through Breast Cancer Awareness
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