What Is Self-Acceptance, Anyway?


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Self-acceptance, self-worth or self-esteem as a notion, if we narrow its meaning scope to “body acceptance", may be translated into: Accepting our body the way it is. There are so many other given-definitions advocated by different organizations, groups or communities.

Self-acceptance or self-esteem as a term can be attached to any property of a human being, for instance: accepting aging, being too slim, being oversized, accepting your name, family, nose, eyes colors, - or even your very own existence.

If we think for a while, we realize that life itself can barely have a meaning without self-acceptance or self-worth in its widest context. Because most of our body related issues you are asked to accept were inherited, that is beyond any given choice. An inherited color, deadly disease. . . why looking far away, the way your whole body is built, is inherited from your parents/ancestors.

So willingly or not, sooner or later, we may rely on self-esteem and self-acceptance as a remedy to fill in the gap between what we wish and what we have/are, to be able to enjoy our lives. The essence of life is having the power to accept while going further.

Let's go back to the scope we are concerned to: our fat body-acceptance.

But does the word ‘acceptance’ imply that we don't have to do anything to improve what can be improved?

Formulated otherwise, should one accept what can be improved while waiting to improve it?

Have the humans that we are, the capability to accept anything anytime?

Are there, behind nice words and theories of organizations and health consultancy instances, real people who have converted words into personal, successful and reasonably permanent results?

Aren't we here between “dietism" and “anti-dietism" groups fighting while we are lost between running legs?

By the way, you can let others know about your diet experience through our site section: http://www.fattybeauty.com/stories.jsp

Till next time, take care of your cells :)

Rabah Qial is a member of FattyBeauty.com editorial team. In addition to biology and computer science, he is also interested in scrutinizing the relation between diet and fat-acceptance/self-esteem trends.
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