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Vitamin B12 Injections – The Good, the Bad, and the Alternatives

Lora Davis

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Vitamin B12, although a part of vitamin B complex, is normally given less attention than they should. B12 is important in health and nutrition both in the short-term and in the long run. The efficiency of absorption of this nutrient however reduces with tie and by the time a person is about 40 years their bodies are only capable of absorbing this nutrient in small quantities.

Many people whose bodies cannot sufficiently absorb B12 resort to other options for obtaining the vitamin, namely vitamin B12 supplements. The supplements can be attained in several forms including sublingual B12, B12 shots, a patch, nasal spray and regular pill. There are also B12 injections which are sometimes utilized by people whose intestines can’t absorb the nutrient.

The Good

B12 injections or shots (cobalamin injections) have for centuries been used in treating a B12 deficiency problem called pernicious anemia. They are also ideal for individual who suffer from fatigue as a result of B12 insufficiency.

In San Diego people use vitamin B12 shots as an efficient way to boost energy quickly because in this form the supplement is directly absorbed in the blood stream. You will thus notice that your energy levels have rapidly increased within a short time of taking your vitamin b12 injections San Diego. The shots have also been proven to alleviate stress in individuals, improve memory and sleep, and also help in getting a clear skin.

The Bad

To begin with, vitamin b12 shots in San Diego are mostly not recommended for elderly individuals. This is because in these individual the chances of the injections damaging the nerves is increased. For normal people B12 injections can be very painful, and therefore you should be psychologically prepared before going for the shots. B12 injections have also been associated with formation of scar tissues which inhibits the tissues from efficient absorption. To add on this, the vitamins are sometime lost in the urine and are secreted without having made any huge impact in your health and nutrition. There are also other side effect of vitamin B12 injections which include painful joints, diarrhea, upset stomach, and headache among others.

The last disadvantage of vitamin b12 injections San Diego is the cost. A shot will normally cost about $25 and this can hinder people without money from getting the shots.

The Alternatives

Many people become deficient of vitamin B12 because of its difficulty of being absorbed in the body. Also, since it is primarily absorbed by the digestive systems people suffering from Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, ulcers and bowel problems or who have had surgery on their digestive tract can have a problem absorbing the nutrient. What causes this group of people to be unable to absorb the nutrient effectively is the fact that their body doesn’t produce a protein known as intrinsic factor which is necessary for efficient absorption of Vitamin B12. Elderly people also lack the intrinsic factor. An alternative to B12 tabs or vitamin b12 shots in San Diego is taking the vitamin B12 sublingually which gets it faster in the blood stream.


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