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All about the Bariatric Surgery: Indications and Classification

Lora Davis

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Nowadays, there are numerous people facing the health issues caused by obesity around the world. Obesity is a serious health problem that affects the life of so many people on a serious level so treatments are very important to be discovered and considered for achieving a normal life. Bariatric surgery is one of the available solutions in this case. It is a weight loss type of surgery that enables people to achieve fast results but there are numerous important aspects to know about it before undergoing the bariatric treatment.

How It Works

Bariatric surgery enables weight loss through the reduction of your stomach size. How does it do that? With the help of a gastric type of band or by removing a portion of the stomach. It can also work by resecting the small intestine. In this case, the intervention is known as the gastric bypass surgery. All of these types of bariatric treatment are serious ones that can only be done under medical supervision. For achieving great results, patients need to carefully follow the instructions given by the medical team. Patients will have to undergo a recovery period after the intervention and the way in which they take care of themselves during that period highly affects the results you can achieve on the long-run.

Usual Effects

Studies made by specialists in terms of long-term results obtained in the case of the bariatric surgery revealed the following:

  • The procedure can cause significant long-term loss of unwanted weight
  • The bariatric treatment can enable recovery from diabetes
  • The procedure can also bring improvements in terms of cardiovascular risk factors
  • The bariatric treatment has enabled a reduction in mortality of up to 23% from a high 40% rate.

The results are not so good in the case of older people suffering from severe obesity. This is why it is highly important to fight against this health issue as soon as you notice any indicating factors of its existence. Any extra time spent without undergoing treatment can cause the reduction of quality in the case of results obtained by undergoing a bariatric treatment.

Classification of Bariatric Surgical Interventions

There are three main categories to consider when it comes to bariatric surgical interventions: predominantly malabsorbpive procedures, mixed procedures and predominantly restrictive procedures. Each of these categories includes specific types of bariatric treatment that can be more or less effective according to the needs and health factors featured by each patient. In the case of predominantly malabsorptive procedures, the effectiveness comes mostly from the creation of the physiological condition of malabsorption. In the case of predominantly restrictive procedures, the effectiveness comes mainly from leaving the alimentary canal in proper continuity and producing early established satiety. Mixed procedures are highly advantageous for being able to apply both techniques at the same time.

Treat Yourself

If you are one of the numerous people fighting against obesity then you should make your research about the bariatric surgery and the most efficient bariatric treatment for you, find a professional medical team to offer you the support you need and solve your health issues. This way, you will embrace a healthy lifestyle that will bring great results for you on the long-run.


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Better Quality Of Life With Bariatric Surgery
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