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Tips for a Successful Bariatric Surgery

Lora Davis

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Bariatric surgeries in India have become the buzz word especially because of the increasing popularity of this kind of weight loss treatment. Most people that have undergone the treatment will tell you the importance of belonging to a support group of like-minded people. The best thing about belonging to a community or support is that you will have people who will also have undergone bariatric treatment in India and will therefore understand any challenges that you may be undergoing after the surgery which is only an entering wedge into the treatment itself. There are a few things that you can do in order to make it work for you but most importantly the following:

Follow your doctor's advice: Once you have undergone bariatric surgery in India there are many instructions you will be given by your doctor regarding such things as diet and exercise among others. There will be a host of pre and post-surgery instructions that may include quitting smoking and a new after surgery diet that will begin with high protein foods, drinking lots of water and well planned exercise regime.

Do an honest self-evaluation: You want to be sure that you will continue evaluating your progress as the months turn into years after your bariatric treatment in India. This is because it is very easy for you to relax after you have seen a little success and before you know it you will start feeling fat, grumpy and exhausted again. You must always have it in your mind so you won’t forget a thing such as your regular vitamin intake as well as your progressive exercises.

Have the right attitude: Even if you had the best bariatric surgeon in India, their effort must be accompanied by the right attitude from you-this is especially important because you will be required to make many small changes in your lifestyle; you must also be keen to recognize the small changes as they will be happening because bariatric surgery will not bring an instant weight loss. While bariatric treatment in India is fabulous tool towards you weight loss, you must give it commitment and the right state of mind so you can enjoy a life that is full of joy such as you had before the surgery.

Drink a lot of water: One of the best ways to ensure that you succeed in your quest to shed off that extra weight after you have undergone bariatric surgery in India is to ensure that you remain hydrated. This may look like a no brainer but anyone in your community will tell you that it works. Your body burns a good amount of calories to warm up the water it uses; even though you may not enjoy the water as it goes through your tongue because it doesn’t have any sugar, your body is made of a lot of water and is built to have water and will therefore enjoy it.

This article is penned by Lora Davis for Mohak Bariatrics and Robotics.


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Bariatric Surgery - The Best Way To Fight Obesity
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