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Can weight affect the fertility?

Angel Watson

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Normal weight is considered as the determining factor for the good health. Generally people with more or lesser are prone to many diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cancer and even heart problem. Studies have even shown the impact of obesity on the complications of pregnancy.

Many researchers have been done to find the directional correlation between fertility and weight but the amazing fact is that both over weight and underweight have to face some fertility issues.

Male fertility and weight

Both over weight and underweight male can suffer from the infertility issue as it has been proved that severe obesity in men become the cause of imbalance of the hormone regulations. So directly and indirectly the excess fat can alter the fertility due to imbalance regulation of hormones.

This imbalance of male hormones leads to affect the production of sperms that affect the fertility issue. Studies have even shown that various couples with male infertility issue that visit to IVF centre in India are over weigh and IVF experts recommend them to control their weight according to their calculated BMI so that infertility treatment can be preceded with higher success ratio.

Female infertility and weight

Even studies have shown the facts that weight also affect the hormone regulation in women of overweight and underweight.

Hormonal imbalance may lead to disorder of ovulation in females it means either they will have no periods or less frequent or irregular periods.

Even there are some other potential complications that are caused due to the weight.

Women with overweight give lower response to the medications used for regulating the ovulation.

Even PCOS means the women with polycystic ovaries syndrome also need careful titrated dosing of medication.

There is greater risk of over simulation or the multiple births in response to the medications that are used to induce ovulation even the patients with higher BMI are more prone for the obstetrical complications in case of multiple pregnancies.

Even overweight women have risk of more complicated IVF cycles along with the above motioned risks

Excessive weighted women retrieve the fewer eggs.

Obese women have more technical difficulty in retrieving the eggs with the risk of bleeding.

IVF experts believe that for overweight women there is greater risk for using anaesthesia at the egg retrieval and even maintaining the adequate airway, hypertensions and aspiration.

There are lower rates of embryo transfer in overweight women.

IVF experts face difficulty in visualising the uterus for the embryo transfer.

Even the women with excess weight have to face more difficulties in delivering the bay and even chances for miscarriage and pre mature delivery may increase in such women.

Experts have shown that due to less weight women generally have nutritional deficiency that may cause difficulty in sustaining the pregnancy for longer time.

Due to excess weight females can have problem in vaginal delivery of child.

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