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Why People Regain Weight after Surgery

Lora Davis

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If dreams were to come true, most overweight people would wish to wake up one day and discover that the weight is gone; most people believe that bariatric surgery in India is similar to waking up thin. There are other people who believe that bariatric surgery in India is the easy way out; once the surgery has been performed, this is when you need to start changing your lifestyle by dropping any unhealthy habits. Weight loss surgery can be successful if patients became deliberate and avoid some bad habits.

When you choose bariatric surgery in India, you get committed to a particular dietary and nutritional program; you commitment to this kind of lifestyle is an important tool that you must choose. Once you are through with the early post-operative stage, it is very easy to start gaining weight again and get back to where you were before having an appointment with a bariatric surgeon. This is a familiar story with many patients undertaking bariatric surgery in India but the good news is that you can avoid getting back there by observing the following simple habits:

Test your old habits: Once most people have had bariatric surgery in India and the excess weight is gone, there is a great feeling that comes to people’s hearts. The problem starts when you think that now because the weight is gone you can try those old habits at least once; so you try one, twice and before you know it the old habits is back in place. The truth of the matter is that as soon as you rerun to the old habits that made you obese in the first place you will definitely regain your weight; bariatric surgeons recommend that you should strive to create new habits to replace the old ones if your bariatric surgery in India will succeed.

Grazing: Grazing is perhaps that greatest reason that people regain weight after bariatric surgery in India; this refers to the belief that once you are through with surgery you can eat out the procedure. Grazing refers to the mindless hand to mouth eating where a person nibbles small bits of food for a long period of time. Think about a cow feeding in the pasture; you are not full so you continue nibbling throughout the day and before you know it your weight is back.

I'm cured syndrome: It’s an open secret that weight loss surgery doesn’t provide you with an insurance cover against any future weight gains. Bariatric surgery in India does not in any way create a permanent state of weight maintenance; you can only maintain the new weight status by combining the result of the bariatric surgeon’s work with reflective choices every single day. Don’t be like others who get a false sense of security by believing that they are already cured permanently of excess weight.

Stop exercises: you will lose some weight from bariatric surgery in India but that doesn’t mean that you are done. You must continue with your exercise program is you plan to maintain your new weight status.


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