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Tips on Weight Loss without Surgery

Lora Davis

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It is now possible to succeed in weight loss in San Diego without undergoing any invasive surgical intervention; this can be achieved through medically assisted weight loss programs that help patients to follow safe weight loss programs. Medically supervised weight loss programs usually include treatment at a weight loss clinic where a licensed and trained specialist such as a medical doctor, a nurse, a practitioner, a registered dietician or a psychologist is available to help in running the program.

Many people who have attempted weight loss in San Diego are well familiar with the cycle of weight loss and weight gain that is associated with a number of diets such as the yo-yo diet. There are millions of people who don’t realize how dangerous the yo-yo diet actually is to their health and is actually associated with the stress experienced by organs such as the heart, the kidneys, and many others. Research has shown that close to 99 percent of people who participate in this kind of diet are likely to regain the weight they lost within two years; diet as weight loss program can only succeed if you have undergone weight loss surgery.

Behavior modification program: The medically assisted weight loss program is a behavior modification program whose main objective is changing the exercise and eating habits of participants with the aim of promoting weight loss. Some of the examples of this kind of program include the ability to set realistic short term and long term goals, maintaining a journal of diet and exercise programs as well as identifying high-risk situations and how to avoid them. In addition to this, one needs to include rewarding actions as well as eating less of some foods and getting into exercise so as to maintain the balance.

Exercise: Exercise in an important component of the supervised weight loss program; the ability to get involved in some daily physical activity helps in speeding up metabolism and effectively reducing the brain’s set point that makes the body balance a natural weight.

Medications: There are different over the counter medications that use used in medically supervised weight loss program whose main aim is curbing the appetite. These drugs can assist some people to lose excess weight but in many cases as soon as people stop taking the medication they quickly gain the weight they had lost. It is important to note though that even as we appreciate the importance of medication as an important part of the weight loss in San Diego program, there are side effects that normally accompany the consumption of such medicines. For this reason, it is always important to make sure that you consult a certified health care expert so you can get the best medications. Surgery should normally be the very last option as far as weight loss in San Diego is concerned; there are also important criteria that must be met for anyone considering surgery as a method of weight loss in San Diego.

This article is penned by Lora Davis for Doctor’s Weight Specialist.


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