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Get multiple benefits from the laps of Ayurveda!

Lora Davis

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Indian medicine system and specially ayurveda is a blessing for all those who do not believe in western system of medicines. There are many miraculous products in ayurvedic system of medicine which takes care of overall mental and physical health of your body. Unlike allopath, these ayurvedic products take care of absolute well being of mind, body and soul. These products do not have any side effects on the human body even if used for a prolonged time. They may be slow in showing their effects on the body but healing done by them is long lasting.

Triphala ras!

One such diamond from the mines of ayurveda is Triphala ras. Triphala is made by mixing three magical ingredients: Amlaki, bhibhitaki and haritaki. Extracts of these three ingredients has proven to be very promising in curing most of the digestive disorders. Foundation of ayurveda was laid more than 5000 years ago. At that time also our wise sages knew the magical powers and potency of this Triphala extract.

Benefits of using triphala in our day to day life are discussed below:

• First and foremost benefit of this magical medicine is that it helps you in maintaining timeless beauty. Antioxidant property of this medicine prevents ageing of skin and hair. Regular usage will help in preventing wrinkle formation on the skin and premature greying of hair.

• It plays a critical role in improvement of digestion. It stimulates the peristaltic movement of the food from one organ to another. Proper movement and digestion of food prevents the problems like indigestion, gas, constipation etc.

• Triphala not only improve the digestion of the body but it also improves the appetite. Since your food is getting digested and absorbed on time, you will start feeling the hunger and crave to eat healthy food on time.

• Triphala has been known for maintaining good health of the lever. It stimulates the secretion of bile juice from the lever which in turn is responsible for fat metabolism in the body.

• One of the major benefits of regular usage of Triphala is that it reduces any heart risk drastically. It prevents formation of plaque in the arteries thus preventing any kind of blockages.

• It also curbs the formation of low density cholesterol and promotes formation of high density cholesterol which is also known as good cholesterol. In this way it will prevent you from dangerous and fatal heart diseases.

• If you want to protect your body from infections, then you should definitely take Triphala regularly. It is a deadly weapon for fighting any kind of foreign invasion in the body and in the blood stream.

• It not only helps in maintaining physical health but it also take care of the mental health of the body.

About the author: This article is penned by Lora Davis for Jasco Nutri Foods. The company is among the fastest growing brands in India for organic aloe vera and alma products. As already mentioned that Triphala has numerous health benefits. Jasco has packed all the goodness of Triphala into juice. The regular intake of Triphala Ras can help lower blood pressure, clear indigestion etc. It is an excellent anti-oxidant and people can expect Triphala weight loss benefits too.


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