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2 Simple Actions to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Sujith Fonseka

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Starting your weight loss journey in order to achieve your weight loss goals will require a great deal of commitment and motivation. Need to get started with weight loss and don't know where to start? Here are two simple steps to get you going and to help you form new habits and make lifestyle changes enabling you start to lose the weight.

Become One of the Weight Loss Success Stories by Walking with Purpose

When you are ready to shed some excess pounds the first thing that you need is to decide on the best plan to help you lose weight. You may want to check out the results that some individuals have achieved without going to a gym. There are many people who insist that they became weight loss success stories by walking daily.

Walking can be far more beneficial than jogging. Your joints, bones and muscles are exposed to less stress and strain when you walk. Joggers frequently end up with bruises, muscle tears and sprained ankles. Knees and hips are also going to be more protected when you choose walking as your weight loss activity.

Weight loss stories by walking are far more common than you might believe. This activity can help you achieve your dieting goals regardless of the amount of weight you want to lose. There are many success stories that include people who have lost more than 50 pounds simply by adding walking to their daily regimen.

You do not have to walk for hours at a time in order to lose weight. A standard walking program consists of a 15-30 minute daily walk. You can walk at your local shopping mall, visit a park or just walk around your neighborhood. For maximum results these walks should be at least 30 minutes in length. When you are in better physical condition you can extend the walks for even longer periods of time.

Brisk walks and power walking techniques are frequently the cornerstones for individuals who have achieved their weight loss success stories by walking each day of the week. Keep your arms pumping and do not break your stride during the walk. Some people have discovered that the use of light hand (and ankle) weights will also boost the amount of calories that are being used. If you walk with purposeful strides and maintain a brisk pace it has been proven that the amount of calories being burned are almost equal to the calories that a runner will expend over the same time period.

Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss

I wanted to lose about 15 pounds. I have tired many fad diets before but they did not work. I did some research on the internet and found out about a low carb diet. This diet restricted the amount of carbs that are consumed each day. The goal is to eat 30 grams of carbs or less. These diets cut out foods that are high in carbs and refined sugars but allowed many different types of foods that were high in protein. I decided to give it a try.

The first two weeks of this diet are the most restrictive. The foods that were off limits included breads, anything products made with flour including pasta, rice, foods that contain sugars, sweets, yogurt with sugar added, dairy products, regular soda, and other foods that are high in carbs. What were allowed were animal’s proteins, green vegetables, and diet beverages ? The best part of this diet was that I was able to eat all I wanted. I did not have to feel hungry or starve myself. Any diet that allows me to eat bacon is the diet for me. During this two week period I lost 6 pounds and felt lighter. I had more energy as well. I know this is bad but I did not even exercise.

After this two week period I was allowed to add some more foods to my diet. I was able to add fresh fruits, and vegetables such as carrots. The next week I was allowed to add some daily products, brown rice, and whole grain breads and pasta. I have lost a total of thirty pounds on this low carb diet. Since I have been on this diet for some time now I am allowed to have a sweet or treat now and then. The best part of their diet is that I was able to eat all I wanted and still lose weight.

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Weight Loss - Where To Start
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