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Healthy Skinny and Pro Ana Diet Plan

Sujith Fonseka

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The skinny diet is a diet and a lifestyle change. This diet allows a person to use inspiration from pictures of famous people who body’s are perfect in their eye. They then use this picture to stay on a diet plan and change their lifestyle. A healthy skinny diet is possible with the right lifestyle changes and eating habits. A skinny diet plan will help a person get thin in a safe and effective way. There are many skinny diets that work as long as a person sticks to the plan. To start of the diet a person may want to eat nothing but fruit for the first three days. This diet allows a person to eat many different varieties of and get the vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Many fruits are low in calories and fat so a person will still be able to loose weight. For the first couple of days a person can also go on a fruit juice diet. They will consume nothing but fruit juices. This will also keep the calories count low. The Pro ana diet will focus on consuming foods that are low in calories and low in fat. What a person drinks is also an important part of this diet. All drinks that contain calories and additional sugars are off limit. There are different types of diet plans that follow the Pro Ana idea. The Russian Gymnast diet is increasing in popularity.

A person following this diet will stay their day off with a cup or orange or apple juice to get their nutrients and some natural sugars. Lunch consists of a fruit salad made with a variety of fruits including kiwi, pineapple, and oranges. The lunch also allows for a cup of fruit juice . For dinner a person will have a glass of non carbonated water. This still allows a person to get what their body needs while keeping their calorie count low. Whenever a person is feeling hungry they can have a cup of water or suck on an ice cube. Pro ana allows a person to shift their calorie intake to get the body used to running on a lower amount and still be able to be healthy. For the first seven weeks a person will vary the amount of calories they consume.

Some days they are allowed 200 calories but not more then 500 on any day. This will help a person speed up weight loss. By the 8th week a person can slow return to their normal diet but with more fruits and vegetables. A person has to be willing to change their eating habits in order to keep the weight off. A healthy Pro ana diet will help a person lose 4 to 11 pounds during the first couple of weeks. This diet will allow a person to cleanse their system and develop a new outlook on eating. Learning how to control eating habits is the first step to developing a new and healthy life.

What to do after a Pro ana diet binge

The Pro Ana diet will help a person lose weight quickly. This diet does not just require a change in eating habits it often requires a lifestyle change. the Pro ana diet is very restive and foods that contain high amounts of fats and sugars are off limits. Every now and then a person gives into temptations and eats these foods that they should not. There are ways to recover to be successful on this diet after a binge. The first thing a person should do is realize that no one is prefect and these types of things happen from time to time. A person has to do something to get rid of the guilty they are feeling. The first thing a person should do it take a warm bath with candles and music. This will help relieve some of that guilt. One a person is calm and relaxed it is time to plan on how to get back onto the Pro ana diet.

A person should think about the types of foods that they ate and why they ate them. Often sugary foods and junk foods are a result of emotional eating. If there is anything left over the foods needs to be thrown out. Then a person can get in their mind that they are conquering the food and have enough will power to say no. if it is not too late in the date a person can do some light exercises or go for a walk. People need to realize that at times even the most devote dieter and they are strong enough to stay on the Pro Ana diet.

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