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Safe Pro Ana Tips and Tricks

Sujith Fonseka

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Pro-Ana may be one of the most controversial subjects, but more than that, it is a lifestyle choice. Below you will find a list of Pro-Ana tips for those leading this lifestyle and those who are interested in pursuing it. Note that this is not a replacement for medical advice, and we are in no way responsible for the outcomes. However, if you’re looking to lose weight or maintain your figure, these tips will more than help!First of all, there’s no denying that we all get hungry. It’s how you view this hunger that matters. One motivating saying is hunger is your stomach applauding. Whatever you use to motivate you, repeat it when you’re hungry. If you just can’t fight the hunger anymore, drink water and tea – and lots of it! Do not add sugar to your tea, but Splenda or another no-calorie sweetener is safe. By drinking a lot of water, you’ll not only fill yourself up, but you’ll flush out any water weight you’re retaining, thus losing more pounds! Tea also boosts your weight loss and metabolism.

If you must eat, eat something with negative calories, like celery. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any calories at all, but the amount is so low that you can eat quite a bit without having to worry. Other great sources of nutrition that are low in calories include: blueberries, chicken broth (cubes), broccoli, and green beans. However, celery is probably the lowest you’ll fine. Or spinach is a great nutritious salad that is low on calories. If you want to add flavor, try spicing things up with a zero-calorie low-sodium seasoning, or cilantro! A fun treat to do is to boil up some chicken broth, add the celery, garlic, and green beans just a little bit of each. Then add as much cilantro as you want. A half cup will come out to under 30 calories! It’s filling and the flavorful cilantro makes you feel like you’re eating something you shouldn’t.

A lot of us feel hungry first thing in the morning. The best way to curb this hunger is to get on the floor and do at the very least fifty crunches, although the recommended amount is 100-200. This sends a message to your stomach to, as some put it, shut up. After you do that, make yourself a cup of coffee. Do not, by any means, add sugar or cream, but Splenda mocha packets are fine. If you prefer to get your dose of calories in the morning, a great idea is to mix a little protein mix with your coffee. Sure, it adds some calories, but it gives you energy.

Speaking of calories, a good Pro-Ana tip is to always remember to burn more than you consume. A great and fun way to burn calories is dancing. It doesn’t drain you too fast, and if you do an hour or more you can definitely burn more than you consumed. Way more. Get a dance video like Zumba or Ministry of Sound Pump it Up. If you have a Wii or Xbox, play Just Dance or Dance Central. Some of these later versions even track the calories you burn! If dancing isn’t your thing, you can always go to the gym, jog, or do jumping jacks. Jumping jacks actually burn quite a few calories, and one amazing workout with them in it is Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. So throw on your yoga pants and a comfy shirt and get to work. Remember to do both strengthening and cardio workouts !

The most important Pro Ana tip is to drink lots of water throughout the day. Also take a one-a-day vitamin. This will help keep your body functioning without the food it demands. Lastly, we all need motivation. Look at thinspo, fistpo, and Pro-Ana/Mia blogs, and you’ll find a lot of it. Start your own blog or join a site where you report the calories you consume and burn. Doing this will make you feel more obligated to stay on track and not binge. As a final and favorite Pro-Ana tip, when you start craving chocolate, sure you can have a bite of dark chocolate, but better yet – have a fudgesicle! It’s only 40 calories, and they taste amazing. It only takes about ten minutes of dancing or a few jumping jacks to burn off those calories, so go ahead, and enjoy it. It will keep you from binging on Ben & Jerry’s!

Thinspiration is a way to inspire yourself to lose weight

Weight loss doesn't have to be cut and dry boring as most people assume. There are many different resources for people to find new and creative ways to lose weight, so don't despair. Losing weight doesn't have to be a chore. Thinspiration is a way to inspire yourself to lose weight and reach your final goal. First, find recipes. There are plenty of free sites with fun recipes to make that are fewer calories and healthier for you. These same websites can give useful tips for substitutes in recipes to make recipes you may have made in the past healthier to make. Second, look for fun workout regimens. With the emergence of Couch to 5k, and other such programs, people have come up with many different ways to get your work out on. You can find playlists to run to, workouts for different songs, and even monthly workout plans for different parts of the body. Finally, find something to reward yourself to prove you lost the weight. Whether it's a dress or top, find a quality piece of clothing you can splurge on to reward yourself for reaching your target weight. You may even want to buy it so that you can keep it in person as a reminder as to what you are working for. Thinspiration comes in many different forms, but ultimately it can really help to lose the weight you have been trying to shed.


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