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Can Amla Juice Help you Lose Weight?

Kamil Jain

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This juice is made from the small fleshy fruit of the Phyllanthus emblica tree. It is also called an Indian gooseberry. This fruit is mostly water but it does have protein, fiber, and a high vitamin C concentrate. Why Alma juice has so many health benefits, including those that help you lose weight is because of the high level of vitamin C. If you buy these berries you can eat them raw or you can make them into juice. There are many Amla juice benefits to help you lose weight.

If you have a slow metabolism you are not going to lose weight but will gain weight instead. Drinking Amla juice will help to increase your metabolism rate by helping to improve the protein synthesis of your body. Basically the more protein that is broken down the more energy there is to use resulting in an increase rate of metabolism. An increase in your metabolism will help to cut the food that is accumulating in your body. Including Amla fruit and/or juice in your diet will also help to lower the fat content in your body.

Another reason that many people gain weight instead of losing it is because of the accumulations of toxins in their body. Every few days you should detox your body to get rid of these toxins which Amla juice can do. There are properties in Amla juice that will help to flush out these unwanted toxins, which are harmful for your body. It is also thought that Amla juice is a powerful rejuvenator in helping to re-hydrate your body and improving your energy level so you can do the exercises that are necessary to help you lose weight. Drink Amla juice and keep your body full of energy.

Instead of buying Amla juice from the store you can make it at home to make sure that you are getting pure Amla juice with no artificial compounds. To make the juice you need to take the fruit, cut them open and take out the seeds. Then you cut them into smaller pieces and put them along with water in a blender and blend for several minutes until you have a thick consistency. The next step is to separate the juice from the pulp which can be done using a piece of cheese cloth or a sieve. Put the juice in an air tight container and keep it refrigerated for up to fourteen days. Throw the pulp away. To make it tastier you can add some honey or use cardamom powder and salt.

The article is penned by Mohit Jain for Jasco Nutri Foods. Mohit has a keen interest in natural health products and organic health products. Jasco Nutri Foods is an Indian cultivator and manufacturer of amla juice and Aloe Vera gel that are 100% organic and extremely good for one's health.


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